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Lifting Injuries

Lifting injuries at work can be extremely obvious, resulting in immediate pain as soon as they happen. They can also be more subtle repetitive stress injuries, building up over time. If you have numbness in your arms, it could be a sign of damage to nerves in the neck caused by lifting. If you have pain in your legs, it could be a sign of disc damage in the lower back caused by lifting. If you have any symptoms that could be caused by a work-related lifting injury, you should get in touch with the law firm of Bentley & More LLP.

Have you suffered a back injury, neck injury, shoulder injury, knee injury or any other type of lifting injury? Contact our Orange County law firm today to schedule a free case evaluation.




At the first sign of a lifting injury, you should seek medical attention. We represented a man who injured his neck with his boss standing right next to him. He tried to work through it, until his arms and legs went numb. When he did receive medical attention, the situation was compounded by a poor examination. He was sent back to work when he should have been sent to the hospital. Instead of getting treatment, he became paralyzed.



We have seen cases in which people were examined by assistants instead of doctors, who sent them back to work. The medical professionals that work with the workers’ compensation insurance companies are often eager to send people back to work, even if the injured worker is not ready. We take great care to make certain that you get the right treatment from the right doctor. While the immediate goal of getting workers’ compensation benefits is important, your ultimate goal is to recover from the work lifting injury. We will not lose sight of that goal.