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Case Results

$720m Class Action Settlement
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Achieved a more than $735 million class action settlement in the action entitled Holly Wedding, et al. v. California Public Employees’ Retirement System, et al., LASC Case No. BC517444. The long-running case concerns the actions of the CalPERS’ Long Term Care Program.

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$67M Personal Injury Judgment

Client suffered a TBI, orthopedic injuries, & a lifetime of confinement to a care facility after falling through an unmarked, open hole left by a general contractor in the roof during construction. Bentley & More LLP is now pursuing an insurance bad faith case against the general contractor's insurer.

$44.1M Personal Injury & Workers' Compensation Settlement

An arbitrator awarded our client $44.1M after he tripped over company supplies and fell 24-25 feet while working on a multistory commercial building, resulting in multiple spinal surgeries, quadriplegia, and 100% permanent disability.

$31.5M Dangerous Road Verdict

A jury verdict awarded our client $31.5m for a dangerous road case when the State of California’s failure to maintain Highway 138 in a safe condition caused a major traffic accident, causing catastrophic brain and spinal cord injuries, & a lifetime of care.

$30M Personal Injury Settlement

Client was catastrophically injured when the driveshaft of a truck in front of her sheared off at freeway speeds through her windshield, and struck her face, causing major traumatic brain injuries, vision loss, & a lifetime of pain. The trucking company settled on the eve of trial for $30M.

$26M Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Settlement

A family of four was traveling on the freeway when they were slammed into from behind by a Ford Ranger that was driving in excess of 75 mph. A rear passenger was tragically killed in the accident and the remaining passengers suffered catastrophic injuries including TBI, blindness, and fractures.

$12M Wrongful Death Settlement

In the largest wrongful death settlement ever reached in Los Angeles city history a woman on her honeymoon was struck and killed by a vehicle on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. In addition to the settlement payment the City has agreed to install more secure barriers along the boardwalk.

$7.45M Personal Injury Settlement

Settlement for an injured worker from the companies that manufactured and installed a piece of steel beam that fell onto our client, striking his head and back, causing significant injuries.

$6M Workplace Injury Settlement

Our client fell from an electrical pole and became paralyzed. The defendant did not feel that a paraplegic who had also lost a major portion of his intestines and stomach was 100% disabled.

$5.875M Personal Injury Settlement

Settlement for an injured worker, from the largest seller and distributor of fireworks in California, who suffered catastrophic injuries when the metal walls of a fireworks stand fell on him.

$5.2M Workplace Injury Settlement

A warehouse supervisor crushed by a double-stacked container. The spinal cord injury left them paralyzed. This matter was tried over the issues of home modifications, transportation and medical treatment.

$5.1M Personal Injury Settlement

An injured worker who tragically fell off of a piece of construction material and suffered quadriplegia, massive internal injuries, and required lifelong care. On-going worker's compensation action.

$3.85M Workplace Injury Settlement

A machinist of 27 years injured his neck and underwent emergency surgery and became a Tetraplegic. Several issues were tried in this case and eventually the case was settled.

$1.9M E-cig explosion Verdict

Greg Bentley achieved the first-of-its-kind verdict in the country against the distributors of an e-cigarette that exploded in our client’s lap, causing significant burns and emotional scarring. The case is Ries v. Zolghadr, et al., Case No. RIC1306769.