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Santa Ana Personal Injury Lawyer

When you conduct your daily life, you take care to remain safe and make it through your day without injury. You do not think your life can change instantly from one day to the next. Someone else’s actions can change your life forever, no matter how much care you have taken.

When someone else has injured you with carelessness or recklessness, you cannot go back and undo what happened. The best that you can do is fight for full financial compensation for your injuries. First, contact our Santa Ana personal injury lawyers for effective legal representation.

Santa Ana Personal Injury Lawyer

Why Call Bentley & More for Your Personal Injury Case?

The attorneys at Bentley & More LLP can handle your case from start to finish, putting you in a better position to get fully compensated than if you were handling your case alone. We are tough legal advocates in your corner every step of the way. Call us today to schedule your free initial consultation. We will give you the personal and individualized attention you deserve from your lawyer.

Further, if you are a law firm with a complex injury case and need assistance, we are ready to help. We have the resources and experience to take on high-stakes injury claims on a referral basis.

Seeking Compensation for Santa Ana Injury Victims

Whether a truck hits you while driving on the Santa Ana Freeway or you fall while shopping at the MainPlace Mall, you can have extensive losses from serious injuries.

Our attorneys seek maximum compensation in every case, and some of our past case results include:

  • $67 million for personal injuries
  • $44.1 million for personal injury and wrongful death
  • $30 million for personal injury
  • $12 million for wrongful death
  • $6 million for workplace injuries

Examples of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury law is a broad legal practice area. It can encompass practically any situation in which you have suffered an injury by the actions of another person (or a company). Whether the act was an accident or happened on purpose does not matter. If someone else has injured you, they should pay for what happened once you can show that they were legally responsible for your injuries.

Personal injury cases can include:

The Legal Process in Your Personal Injury Case

The legal process is largely the same in any personal injury case. First, you will contact an experienced attorney to work on your case. You will schedule a free initial consultation to discuss the facts of your case and learn whether you may have a viable claim for financial compensation.

Our lawyers can investigate your accident and determine who you can hold responsible.

Sometimes, you can blame more than one person or entity.

For example, if you have suffered an injury by an employee acting within the scope of their employment at the time of the accident (they were on the job), the company can be legally responsible. It is in your interest to cast as broad of a net as possible because you can gain access to more insurance coverage.

How You Can Win Your Personal Injury Case

Then, your attorney must compile the evidence showing that someone else should pay for your injuries. You will need to prove that they committed a wrongful act.

In a personal injury case, a wrongful act can mean that the other party actively did something wrong or failed to do something they should have done. If the other party falls short of the expected standard of conduct, you can hold them legally obligated to pay you.

It is up to you to prove both what the other party did and compare it to what the reasonable person will have done. For example, in a slip-and-fall case, a reasonable person will not create dangerous conditions when they invite you onto their property. They will also fix dangerous conditions that others created within a fair amount of time after they knew or should have known about them.

Your Lawyer Can Get the Evidence You Need in a Personal Injury Case

You do not have to prove your case with absolute certainty. You need to prove that your story is more likely than not to have happened. This standard of proof does not mean that you can take a relaxed attitude to prove your case. Insurance companies can deny claims for lack of evidence, and juries rule against plaintiffs.

The evidence you need to prove your case is not always readily available. For example, every attorney will tell you to take pictures of the accident scene. It is not always possible, especially when dealing with physical injuries.

Your lawyer will need to come in after the fact and obtain evidence to prove your case, which can include:

  • Witness testimony from people who saw what happened (this type of evidence is most effective when it comes from objective third parties who have no financial interest whatsoever in your case)
  • Corporate logs and records that can show what steps were taken to exercise reasonable care (for example, you can use maintenance logs to show that the property owner did not exercise an appropriate level of care in a slip-and-fall case)
  • The police report from the accident, if an officer showed up afterward and wrote one (you can only use this in the insurance claims process, and you cannot use it as evidence at trial
  • A re-creation of your accident from an expert witness who will give their opinion of what happened
  • Security camera footage that can show either the accident or the conditions in the area around that time

You may need to work to obtain much of this evidence. Your attorney knows how to get to the bottom of your case before evidence can be lost. They also know how to bring the evidence in court through the discovery process if you file a lawsuit.

The Insurance Company Is Not Going to Make Your Case Easy

You cannot assume that the insurance company will just give you the money you deserve, even when you can prove that someone else was to blame for your accident. First, you will need to know how much to seek in damages. Second, you must reject a settlement offer that does not fairly compensate you.

It is your responsibility to get what you deserve from the insurance company. Fortunately, our personal injury lawyers handle this process for you.

How Much Money You Deserve in a Personal Injury Case

Regarding compensation, you have the legal right to restore your life to the position you were in just before the accident. While this is impossible, the law uses money to help achieve justice. The responsible party must not only pay you for the direct costs of your injuries, but they must also compensate you for the intangible experience of the accident. Your costs are more than just money.

You are entitled to past and future damages in a personal injury case. Your damages can include compensatory and punitive damages (although it is rare to receive punitive damages).

Here are the types of damages that can receive:

  • All costs related to your medical care (including hospital stays, doctor’s charges, prescriptions, medical equipment, etc.)
  • Any money that you should have earned from working fully (you can even receive payment if you missed a promotion that you should have otherwise gotten)
  • Your pain and suffering and any other subjective measure of what you have endured since

the accident and what you may need to live with in the future

Wrongful Death Damages When Your Loved One Has Died

California law considers wrongful death as the family’s personal injury after a loved one dies in an accident.

Wrongful death damages can include:

  • The money that a loved one should have earned throughout their career
  • The family’s emotional trauma and grief that comes from tragically losing a loved one
  • The loss of the love and guidance from the deceased person
  • The spouse or partner’s loss of the physical relationship with the dead person

You Will Need to Fight for Every Dollar in Your Case

Proving your case is just the opening salvo of the battle. Your case can still be complicated, even if liability is never in doubt. The insurance company does not want to pay you what you deserve, and they will make it hard for you to get your money.

Here is where you may need to battle. A settlement offer is usually not a victory in itself. Instead, it will tell you how long of a way you need to go to reach an agreement. Without a lawyer, a settlement may be deceptively easy because you may jump at a paltry amount of money, thinking it is the best you can get.

How Your Santa Ana Personal Injury Lawyer Helps You

The first step in a personal injury lawsuit is contacting our experienced lawyers. You can trust us to handle all the details of your claim.

Once your lawyer begins to work on your case, they help you by:

  • Explaining the personal injury process to you and answering all your questions.
  • Investigating the cause of your accident and helping you build your case for compensation.
  • Reviewing your situation, possibly consulting expert witnesses, to calculate what you can seek in settlement negotiations.
  • Helping you decide whether you should begin with an insurance claim or file a lawsuit in court
  • Preparing your claim or lawsuit complaint to help you begin the legal process.
  • Assessing any settlement offer you receive to determine whether it fairly compensates you (if the offer is inadequate, your lawyer will advise you to reject it).
  • Continuing to negotiate a possible settlement to your case, whether you have filed an insurance claim or a lawsuit.
  • Taking your case to a jury if the legal process does not result in the best possible personal injury settlement.
  • Helping with the actual settlement process.

You Need an Attorney Representing You

Never deal with the legal process alone. You may come away with nothing if you cannot prove your case or make other mistakes. You cannot expect the insurance company to give you the benefit of the doubt, especially if it means them writing you a check. They will insist on extensive detail, expecting everything and trying to give you nothing.

You cannot expect to get the same results when trying to handle your case alone. While you may avoid paying an attorney, you will still have less money if you receive anything.

Paying an attorney (only through the proceeds of your case and never out of your pocket) is an investment in getting even more money. Your attorney profits when you get more compensation, so they will fight for you to get as much money as possible. If you do not receive any money for your personal injury case, your lawyers will not bill you for their time.

Contact a Santa Ana Personal Injury Attorney Today

Greg Bentley &  Keith More, Personal Injury Lawyers

Bentley & More LLP’s attorneys are in your corner when you need a strong and effective personal injury lawyer. We have a track record of getting results, dragging stubborn insurance companies where they need to be in settlement negotiations. Our lawyers know when and how to stand up for you to get you the possible money.

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