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Orange County Car Accident Attorney

Following a car accident, victims will have dozens of questions floating through their heads and no answer in sight. Bentley & More LLP can answer most of your questions during an initial consultation or while handling your accident claim. The legal process is full of complexities, and you should focus on healing – not trying to decipher legal issues.

The financial toll of a crash is also overwhelming, leaving victims with many stresses. That is where our Orange County car accident lawyers from Bentley & More LLP can help you. We will handle the legal process so you can get the compensation you need.

Orange County Car Accident Attorney

Why choose Bentley & More LLP

Our team works closely with clients to address their individual needs. We fight for your rights and will seek the maximum compensation available for your claim. We have exhaustive resources available to invest and prove your case. We offer our services on a contingency fee basis and have expert witnesses ready to address any unique challenges. Negotiation is the key to getting you the compensation you seek, but we are prepared to draft and file a lawsuit when necessary. We know all the deadlines and relevant laws that apply to your case.

We take attorney referrals as well. Contact our office for guidance if you have a solid but complex case. Working together, we can get the best possible outcome for the injured victim. We have extensive experience handling car accidents in Orange County and can handle the nuances of dealing with insurance companies. Cases with life-altering consequences are harrowing and complex, but we strive to offer the best resources and representation available.

The most dangerous Orange County roads

Driving is a privilege and a responsibility, and with so many drivers around Orange County, the roads are inherently dangerous. Heavy traffic is common, especially in tourist areas.

The three most dangerous roads in Orange County for car accidents are:

  • Ortega Highway
  • Beach Boulevard
  • Laguna Canyon Road

While a crash can occur on any roadway, these are notorious for having a high volume of accidents—Ortega Highway saw 212 accidents in just four months. Statistics are shocking for these roadways, and our team is familiar with the factors that make these roads dangerous. We fight for those who dangerous drivers injured in Orange County.

Most common causes

Car accidents are common in Orange County, and with so many happening daily, some trends present themselves. Knowing the common causes of car accidents does little for victims to prevent them, but it can help them seek justice after someone else causes a crash.

The top cause of car accidents in the O.C. include:

Car accident victims can suffer life-changing injuries due to reckless drivers. Other drivers consciously violate the law or participate in reckless behaviors and must face the consequences. Their insurance companies should cover their liability when they injure you, and our Orange County car accident lawyers know how to seek the financial recovery you need.

Injuries resulting from car accidents

A crash can turn your life upside-down in an instant. Depending on the collision, you can suffer injuries requiring extensive medical attention.

Common motor vehicle accident injuries include:

Some of these injuries require long-term care and leave victims out of work.

Too many crash injuries are fatal. When someone you care for dies in an accident, it changes everything. Discuss your loss with an Orange County car accident lawyer from our firm.

Determining fault

Our attorneys consider three elements when assessing fault: vehicle, driver, and environment. The facts of the accident will determine who should be responsible.

When evaluating the car, a manufacturing or design defect can contribute to an accident. If that is the case, then you must hold the part manufacturer or maintenance company responsible for their actions.

The environment is more than just the weather conditions. Environment relates to road maintenance and defects. Signage and other factors can also contribute to your accident. When the hazardous driving environment contributes to your case, you can hold a government agency responsible for your losses.

Lastly and most often, the basis of fault is another driver’s actions. The at-fault driver was negligent somehow – therefore, their insurance company is responsible for your losses. Every case is different, and you must have an Orange County car accident lawyer to assess fault and liability.

Insurance company communications

After a car accident, the victims’ first reaction might be to contact the insurance company and report the accident. However, communicating with insurers alone is not wise, even if it is your provider. Too many people say things that jeopardize their claims right from the start.

You do not have to worry about saying the wrong thing when you work with our Orange County car accident lawyers. We can handle the insurance claim process and contact all relevant parties. Instead of you trying to navigate insurance negotiations, we can handle those processes for you.

The insurance company rarely does right by the victim, but Bentley & More LLP does.

Insurance claim negotiations

The insurance adjuster is seeking more information and ways to minimize your claim. They will take advantage of your vulnerable position and try to get you to accept a low offer. Never accept any settlement amount without our legal guidance.

When you hire our car accident lawyers in Orange County, we will calculate your losses so you know exactly how much you deserve. Then, when the insurance company comes with a minimal offer, you will know to reject it. We can provide additional evidence to support your claim and prove the severity of your injuries and losses.

Our negotiating skills shine when we fight for our clients against insurance companies. We will know what your case is worth and aren’t backing down. We will negotiate until we receive a fair offer, and if the insurer does not offer enough, we will not hesitate to take them to court.

Uninsured and underinsured motorists

While all drivers should carry insurance, some choose not to, which is illegal and puts others at risk. When the at-fault driver does not have insurance, you can file a claim with your uninsured motorist’s policy. The caveat is you must have this provision in your policy since it is not standard.

The coverage will pay for property damages, medical bills, and car repairs within your policy limits. Getting uninsured motorist coverage can still be an uphill battle, and you must discuss your options with an experienced car accident lawyer in Orange County.

Sometimes, the other driver has insurance, but it is insufficient to cover your medical bills and other losses. Your insurance policy may pay for the remainder of your losses in these cases. We can help with negotiations, whether with the insurer of the at-fault party or your own UM/UIM coverage.

The value of your case

We do not know your case’s worth until we investigate your accident. Every individual will have different injuries and experiences. Your future losses are also vital to assess your damages. Typically, your Orange County car accident lawyer will review the extent of your injuries, relevant insurance policies, lost income, medical bills, and more to value your claim.

Calculating your losses can be complex, and you will need an Orange County car accident law firm with the resources to estimate these losses accurately. Bentley & More LLP, has years of experience calculating losses and knows what to look for. We also have a network of experts to help prove or calculate your claim.

Paying for medical bills

The person responsible for your injuries should pay for your medical expenses, past and future. Medical bills usually cause the most losses and cause the most stress for victims. You might have options like using your health insurance and other coverages to pay for these losses. If you use your health insurance to cover medical treatment, the insurance company can get reimbursement from a settlement later.

Orange County car accident attorneys can work with medical providers to put medical bills on a lien when possible. You will pay these bills upon receiving a judgment or settlement. We know how important it is that you get all the care you need for your injuries, and the bills add up quickly. Once we are on your case, we can ease your stress, and you will know that someone is fighting for full coverage of your medical expenses.

Getting compensation for lost income

Lost income is another costly expense in a car accident. You will likely miss time from work for medical appointments and from the pain of your injuries. Many victims will use sick leave and vacation time to ensure they don’t lose income, but this leave time is also considered income in California. We can help you show the time you missed from work, documentation of using your benefits to cover time off, and more.

We can collect this information through pay stubs and time off work request documents when you work for an employer. Self-employed individuals will have a more challenging time proving lost income because they often do not have the same documentation as when they work for an employer. We know how to use tax returns, invoices, calendar appointments, cancellation emails, and bank deposits to show what you expected to earn before the accident.

Cost of hiring an Orange County car accident lawyer

Our lawyers in Orange County work on a contingency fee. They will receive a percentage of your final settlement, depending on case length and the resources they use.

The fee structure is in the initial representation paperwork you sign. The percentage can vary from pre-litigation, litigation, and trial. During an initial consultation, you can ask about these fees and if they will increase if your case goes into litigation.

You don’t pay attorney costs out of pocket, so you never have to worry about whether you can retain our personal injury lawyers.

Settlement versus trial

When injury victims file claims, a resolution can be possible through trial or settlement proceedings. Some people are unfamiliar with the terms, risks, and benefits of each. Most claims will resolve during settlement negotiations if the insurance company is fair and your attorney can prove vital elements of your claim. Accepting or declining an offer is your decision, but your lawyer will advise you on the merits of all offers.

Our car accident lawyers work to get the best outcome possible. Sometimes that involves filing a lawsuit and gearing up for trial. The probability of going to trial often depends on settlement offers and how far apart they are from the compensation you need. When choosing an attorney, find one with trial experience. Choose Bentley & More LLP.

Call an Orange County car accident lawyer immediately

Greg Bentley &  Keith More, Car Accident Lawyers

Car accident victims must move swiftly in Orange County to protect their rights. There are strict deadlines and many legal processes to go through. Reach out to a Orange County personal injury lawyer. You’re facing the physical consequence of an accident and have enough on your plate. If a car accident injured you or took the life of a loved one, contact us at Bentley & More LLP to speak with our Orange County car accident lawyers immediately. Start with a free consultation to review your case.

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“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bentley & More for the past 5-6 years. Their drive and compassion to earn great results for their clients is obvious to everyone who works with them.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to partner with the firm to help serve their clients.” – Nicole S. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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