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Orange County Self-Driving Car Collisions Lawyer

Self-driving or autonomous vehicles should decrease the risk of accidents through smart sensors and automatic reactions to potential collisions. Unfortunately, product defects and negligent operators mean self-driving vehicles do not always achieve these safety goals. Self-driving vehicle accidents have caused serious and fatal injuries to occupants, pedestrians, and others since their debut. If you’ve suffered serious injuries in an accident, the Orange County self-driving car collision lawyers at Bentley & More LLP have years of experience handling complex litigation, including car accident and product liability cases. We offer free, confidential consultations to discuss self-driving vehicle cases.

Do You Need a Self-Driving Car Accident Lawyer?

Self-driving car accident cases have many of the same factors as typical car crash claims. As a victim, you or your Orange County self-driving car collision attorney must identify the at-fault party, file an insurance claim, and negotiate for a fair settlement. Yet self-driving vehicle accidents have unique considerations as well – such as the possibility of a technological malfunction causing the wreck. The sensors on a self-driving vehicle may glitch and fail to register a hazard, leading to a collision the technology should have prevented. These factors make self-driving accident claims even more complex than standard car crash cases.

An Orange County self-driving car collisions lawyer can help you navigate the unique laws and facts involved in a self-driving car accident case; especially if you suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one. The at-fault party’s insurance company will try to convince you to settle your claim for the minimum amount. It is up to you to hire a car crash attorney to take over insurance settlement negotiations on your behalf, to ensure the adjuster does not take advantage of you. Otherwise, you may settle your case for less than it is worth. A lawyer can handle complex legal processes while you undergo medical treatments and focus on recovery.

What Are Self-Driving Cars?

Self-driving cars use autonomous technologies to perform many of the tasks a human driver would otherwise control, such as acceleration, braking, and lane keeping. They use sensors and radar technology to create a virtual map of the vehicle’s surroundings. The cars then connect vehicle systems to these sensors, so that different signals activate specific reactions. Most self-driving vehicles have capabilities such as predictive braking, obstacle avoidance, and steering, but still require human drivers.

How Many Self-Driving Cars Have Been in Accidents?

The state of California reported 75 accidents involving autonomous vehicles in 2018. As of March 2019, the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) received 139 total autonomous vehicle collision reports in its history. Many of these accidents caused personal injuries and expensive property damage. One was fatal for the driver of a Tesla Model X operating on autopilot. Like typical car accidents, human error causes the majority of self-driving vehicle accidents.

Driverless Car Laws in California

California state laws require the DMV to develop regulations for autonomous vehicle testing before deployment on public roads, effective April 2018. Self-driving vehicle manufacturers must thoroughly test and review vehicle safety before releasing their models. Operators of driverless cars must obey the same rules as typical drivers, exercising reasonable care not to cause harm to other roadway users. Negligent vehicle operation, even in a self-driving car, that causes an accident can result in liability on the driver.

When to Contact an Orange County Attorney

If you have serious injuries from an accident involving a self-driving vehicle in California, call (949) 870-3800 for a free consultation with one of our Orange County self-driving car collision attorneys. You may be eligible to receive payment for your medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering from the at-fault party. Another driver, the vehicle manufacturer, or the city could be liable for your damages. We can help you pursue fair compensation through aggressive legal action. Contact us today.