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June 2016

Physician Abuses Workers’ Comp System in Case of Iron Worker

On June 22, 2016, the workers' compensation system in the State of California hit an all- time low.Erick Gonzalez, a 33 year old iron worker sustained a catastrophic spinal cord injury rendering him a quadriplegic. Through the Iron Worker's Union and the Iron Worker's Contract, his workers' compensation case is subject to the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) system. The contract allows the parties both the injured worker and empl... Read More

Fraudulent Medical Providers Strike So California’s Workers’ Comp System

This month, Orange County prosecutors filed insurance fraud charges against Kareem Ahmed, who reportedly developed a topical cream based on profitability, and then bribed doctors to prescribe the expensive treatment to work comp patients. In fact, Ahmed is reported to have paid a total of 25 million dollars to at least 21 physicians to dispense the cream to injured workers.Unfortunately, Ahmed's case is just one in a string of corrupt medical ... Read More