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Workers’ Compensation

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When working in an office setting, the last thing you expect is to suffer an injury, yet employees might experience injuries from repetitive motion, specifically carpal tunnel syndrome. Many workers might not think they can obtain compensation or legal recourse for these injuries because there was no single accident or event that caused them. However, you can file a workers' compensation claim for carpal tunnel. Workers' comp law categorize... Read More

Workers’ Compensation and Disability After an Accident

If you suffer a workplace injury, you want reimbursement for your losses. Your employer should pay you for medical expenses and lost income benefits. Permanent injuries make the employee eligible for disability. This situation often leaves injury victims wondering if they can apply for and collect disability insurance and workers' compensation simultaneously. Working with the right workers’ compensation lawyer can result in getting both ben... Read More

Workers’ Comp and Third-Party Lawsuits

Suffering an injury in the workplace is the last thing you want to experience. You might assume your employer's workers' compensation insurance will pay for the costs you incur from this event, which is the correct assumption in most instances. However, sometimes injuries are the fault of another entity unrelated to the employer's actions. Some cases can require a claim against both parties. Workers' comp and third-party lawsuits differ ... Read More

Workers’ Comp Settlements for a Back Injury

Back injuries can lead to painful and sometimes permanent complications, including the inability to work over an extended period. In some circumstances, individuals suffer these injuries while performing strenuous job duties. People who work in the building and construction industries are especially susceptible to back injuries because they often work atop tall ladders and scaffolding. They may also have to push or pull heavy equipment and mac... Read More

What is the Average Workers’ Comp Back Injury Settlement?

Workers who suffer back injuries while on the job may experience significant symptoms, pain, and suffering that may last for many weeks or months. Moreover, permanent back injuries may result in a complete lack of functioning, such as from a debilitating spinal cord or paralysis injury. If you sustained a back injury while performing a job duty, you may be eligible to bring a claim against your employer's insurance company for various worke... Read More

How Much Does Workmans’ Comp Pay for a Back Injury?

Back injuries can lead to significant pain and the need for ongoing medical treatment. Moreover, a permanent back injury may cause an accident victim to experience debilitating pain for the rest of their life. As a result, medical bills can pile up quickly, leaving the accident victim unable to work for a significant amount of time following their work accident. If you suffered a back injury in a recent workplace occurrence, you may file a ... Read More

What Happens if a Construction Worker Gets Hurt on the Job?

Construction workers have hazardous jobs. This is because individuals working at a construction site are around dangerous machinery and equipment daily. Consequently, they are more prone to slips, falls, crush injuries, and other severe accidents than other workers. In some situations, injured construction workers may be eligible to pursue a workers' compensation claim with their employer's insurance company. However, if their workplace acc... Read More