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How to Check the Status of a Workers’ Comp Claim

When you have filed a workers’ compensation claim, you should stay on top of things as best as possible. However, it is not always easy to do because of your physical injuries. Chances are that you are receiving medical treatment, and you may also be in a significant amount of pain. Even though your employer and insurance company have their obligations about timing, it is up to you to keep up-to-date and stay informed of the status of your ... Read More

How Long Does A Workers’ Compensation Claim Take?

The workers’ compensation system provides critical protection for workers who have suffered a job-related injury. The law requires your employer to purchase workers’ compensation insurance that pays a portion of your lost income and the medical expenses related to your injury. The claims process only happens after some time but should not take an extended period. If you have a complex claim or have received a denial, you need help from an e... Read More

How to File a Worker’s Compensation Claim

If you have suffered a work-related injury, you will need the benefits that workers’ compensation insurance provides. If your employer followed the law that requires them to purchase workers’ compensation insurance (they are subject to criminal penalties if they do not), you can receive the following if the insurance company grants your claim: Payment of medical costs for treatment that is related to your injury A portion of your lo... Read More

Bentley & More LLP featured in May issue of Orange Coast Magazine Power Attorneys Edition

Bentley & More LLP is featured in this month’s Orange Coast Magazine “Power Attorneys” edition. The firm has over 35+ years litigating a wide variety of cases with a focus on Catastrophic Personal Injury, Plaintiff Workers’ Compensation & Bad Faith Insurance. We have a team of highly focused, disciplined and hard-working attorneys with the common goal of serving our clients. Our utmost priority is to obtain justice by understanding the needs of our clients and telling their individual stories. We are passionate about the law and are committed to making a difference with our clients and the community. We are in the business of helping people.

If  you or someone you love has been injured, please Reach Out to us today. Every story is unique…let us help you tell yours.


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Is Your Workers’ Compensation Case Really a Personal Injury Case?

After you suffer workplace injuries, you may think you can only collect workers’ compensation benefits. But what if your accident isn’t that simple? You may discover that other people or parties caused your accident. In that case, you can file a personal injury, or third-party liability, lawsuit. But how can you determine whether your workers’ compensation case is a personal injury case in disguise? An experienced workers’ compensation a... Read More

Can You File a Personal Injury Claim if You Got Hurt at Work

Accidents and injuries at work can happen in multiple ways. Falling products may hurt you in a warehouse. You may experience muscle strain in your wrists after typing for years. You may have to take some weeks off after a machine malfunctions and damages your arm. Seeking compensation for your workplace accident is straightforward—or is it? Do you have to stay within the workers’ compensation system or can you obtain other compensation for ... Read More

What You Need to Know After an Irvine Car Accident 

With more vehicles on the road comes the unfortunate—and increased—possibility of severe traffic accidents. Many roads in the Irvine area see extremely high vehicle traffic daily, including on California State Route 55 and State Route 1, otherwise known as Coastal Highway. Additionally, the downtown sees heavy traffic, especially during morning and evening commute hours. Car accidents in Irvine and surrounding areas leave many drivers and p... Read More