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August 2018

CAOC Immediate Past President, Greg Bentley interviewed by ABC News regarding the dangers of E-Cigs

Consumer advocate Greg Bentley was interviewed by ABC in a story involving a man whose e-cig battery exploded in his pocket. Mr. Bentley said that e-cig users and vapers are “playing Russian roulette” due to the potential danger of the unsafe e-cig batteries. See the ABC News Story here.

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California’s Return to Work Supplement Program

Workers’ compensation exists to provide emergency relief to employees injured on the job. The goal is to compensate for medical coverage and lost wages, but oftentimes injuries can prove so severe that they may permanently displace workers from their jobs. It is for these extreme circumstances that California offers a Return to Work supplemental program for injured employees. Finding new work or entering a new position within the same industry... Read More

How Long Does a Settlement Take After a Demand Letter is Sent?

The litigation process follows a relatively standard procedure once an attorney meets with a client. As the two negotiate, they determine when an appropriate time to issue demands will be. Initially, they have two choices – issuing a demand letter or going straight to a lawsuit. The timeline following a demand letter, then, diverges into two branches depending on how the parties react. The Immediate Future In personal injury or car accident ... Read More

How Bad are Juul Pods for You?

Anti-smoking campaigns have, over the past two decades, made significant progress in their goal to end cigarette smoking among younger people. The recent surge of e-cigarettes, more commonly known as vaping or vapes, however, has seen this remarkable health initiative start to reverse. One brand of vapes leads the pack at 60% market share per dollar spent – Juul. Social media is replete with images, tweets and videos of teenagers and college s... Read More

Injuries From Falling and Landing on Your Hands

Falls are a silent, pervasive threat across the United States. Though most slip and fall research focuses on the elderly population, over 800,000 people go to the hospital annually for fall-related injuries. One common set of injuries from a fall is a broken wrist, hand or finger. The hand injury most often is the result of someone attempting to break the fall with the palm outstretched on the way down. Aside from age, there is no predictive f... Read More

What to Do if You Receive False Insurance Information After an Accident

Between 15% and 26% of California drivers are uninsured, according to a report from the Insurance Research Council. Some drivers, however, will not own up to being uninsured after an accident and instead provide fraudulent information. Often, it can take days to discover this deception, only raising the stakes for an insurance claim in the process. False information does not mean the other party is liable for their own damages, nor does it mea... Read More

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