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September 2018

California’s Car Insurance Laws

California operates under a fault-based system for car accidents and insurance purposes. This means a driver is responsible for the damages he or she causes on the road. Drivers must purchase automobile insurance that covers the state’s minimum insurance requirements. It’s also important to understand how fault works in car accident insurance settlements and lawsuits. An Orange County car accident lawyer can help you navigate the legal process... Read More

Can I Fire My Lawyer Before Trial?

Many possible situations can make clients feel tempted to fire their attorneys, but it’s vital to weigh this decision carefully. Firing your attorney can delay your legal proceedings, and repeatedly changing attorneys during a case will not cultivate a favorable impression with the presiding judge. If you are considering firing your attorney, keep in mind a few things while making this decision. Depending on your reasons for wanting to fire yo... Read More

Crosswalk Right of Way in California

California is home to some of the most congested traffic in the country, but countless pedestrians are also making their way through California streets every day. Drivers need to exercise care around pedestrians, and it’s a wise idea to know the laws concerning pedestrians’ right-of-way on California roads. Pedestrians should also know a few best practices to avoid serious accidents and injuries. If you have questions or think you have a case,... Read More

Greg Bentley continues to fight for consumer rights in the wake of E-Cig Explosions

Greg Bentley continues to fight on behalf of consumers who have suffered tragic injuries as a result of e-cigarette explosions. One young man in San Diego had his e-cig battery explode in his pocket while driving for Uber. His story, like so many others, was covered by ABC San Diego. Sadly, these senseless injuries are happening all too often. Bentley & More is at the forefront of e-cigarette litigation, fighting on behalf of consumers and pushing for regulation. The firm filed 9 new lawsuits all involving randomly exploding batteries, many of which were manufactured by LG Chem.

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