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November 2018

Greg Bentley Featured on KNBC Los Angeles

Randy Mac of KNBC Los Angeles ran an in-depth piece on one of Greg Bentley’s clients and her 18 month old daughter who were severely injured by a defective e-cigarette battery. Mr. Bentley also discussed the complete lack of regulation in the e-cigarette industry and how it continually puts consumers at risk.

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Bentley & More Fighting LG Chem’s Attempt to Avoid Responsibility for Exploding E-Cigarette Battery Injuries

November 19, 2018 – Orange County, CA – LG Chem, LTD. is the Korean company responsible for manufacturing many of the exploding lithium-ion batteries used in today’s e-cigarette devices. It is now attempting to shield itself from responsibility for the devastating injuries suffered by unsuspecting consumers when their defective LG battery exploded. Although California e-cigarette users can easily and routinely purchase LG lithium-ion batteries in retail stores and online, LG has filed seven motions (with more to come) throughout the state seeking to avoid legal responsibility for this harm based upon a “lack of California jurisdiction.”

Greg Bentley, founding partner of Bentley & More LLP in Newport Beach, CA, which is litigating more than 20 cases in which an LG lithium-ion battery exploded and severely injured a California consumer, is pushing back against this stall tactic. On November 13, Bentley’s firm filed a Motion to Transfer and Coordinate Actions in Orange County Superior Court asking to coordinate at least seven actions for the purposes of conducting the necessary and relevant jurisdictional discovery.

“It’s shocking that this company buries its head in the sand, reaping profits on the sale of these defective LG lithium-ion batteries, and then has the gall to assert essentially, ‘hey, we are from South Korea, you can’t sue us in California.’ It’s appalling and consumers should be aware,” said Bentley. Bentley & More is leading the charge in holding e-cigarette companies accountable, with Greg Bentley handling cases on behalf of injured consumers throughout the United States. “LG’s tactics are just another shining example of the e-cigarette industry’s desire to put profit over safety. We will keep fighting and keep bringing attention to the issue, until something changes,” said Bentley.

About Bentley & More LLP
Bentley & More LLP specializes in working closely with clients to deeply understand their lives and tell their individual stories. The firm’s success comes from tailoring each solution to a client’s particular needs. That success is measured in far more than awards, verdicts, and peer recognition, it is measured in the real differences made in our clients’ quality of life. Bentley & More focuses on the representation of consumers in the fields of catastrophic personal injury, product liability, insurance bad faith, and workers’ compensation, with particular expertise in matters that cross over multiple fields.

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What Happens if I Get in an Accident in an Uber?

The peer-to-peer model of doing business has enjoyed immense popularity in recent years. For both convenience and cost-savings, more people are skipping the taxi services in favor of companies like Uber and Lyft. These companies have their advantages but also their dangers. For one, Uber and Lyft lack the thorough vetting processes of cab companies. Additionally, since the peer-to-peer model is relatively new, liability is still an evolving ar... Read More

Are Bird Scooters Safe to Ride?

The sharing economy has become more popular in recent years, and intrepid entrepreneurs are thinking beyond the basic car service and room sharing. Alternative modes of transportation, like boats and even bikes, have become a part of the sharing economy. The Bird Scooter is an electric device that people can use to make their way around town. They’re convenient, but are they safe? A Convenient Mode of Transport The Bird Scooter system is con... Read More

Pursuing Damages for a Dog Bite in California

Pets are more than just animals; for many of us, they’re members of the family. We tend to their needs as we would for any other loved one – we take them to the vet for medical care, feed them, and make sure they feel loved. Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same care and devotion to their animals. When the negligent care or supervision of a dog leads to another’s injury, the owner of the animal might be liable for the damages that res... Read More

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Wrongful Death Cases?

When someone loses his or her life in an accident, the surviving family members may be able to collect the damages that result by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. These legal actions follow certain procedures. Knowing the process is the best way to protect your family’s right to a claim. Our Irvine wrongful death lawyers can help you bring your claim. What Is a Wrongful Death Action? In California, certain survivors of a decedent may fil... Read More

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