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February 2019

Exploding E-Cigarette Device Causes Tragic Death

This is an absolute tragedy, a man has lost his life because of an exploding defective e-cigarette. Bentley & More co-founding partner Greg Bentley has been leading the charge in holding e-cigarette companies accountable, handling more than 150 cases against e-cigarette manufacturers and sellers on behalf of consumers who have been injured by defective e-cigarette batteries and devices. “What happened to Mr. Brown is unconscionable, an innocent man has lost his life because of the e-cigarette industry’s greed. Consumers should be aware that e-cigarette manufacturers and sellers continually put profit over safety and are brazen in putting consumers at risk,” said Mr. Bentley. “The lack of regulation of these products is also shocking, but we will keep fighting on behalf of consumers to hold this dangerous industry accountable.” #stoptheecigexplosions

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Can Social Media Affect Your Personal Injury Claim?

Social media is an almost unavoidable part of modern life for most adults, and many people manage multiple social media accounts for various reasons. Most personal injury attorneys recommend their clients avoid social media while they have cases in progress. Giving up the social interaction may be difficult for some, but social media use can potentially endanger a personal injury claim in several ways. Conflicting Evidence One of the most ob... Read More