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April 2019

Can You Sue the Driver if You Were Injured as a Passenger in a Car Accident?

A car accident claim is confusing enough as a driver. If you suffered injuries while riding as a passenger in an auto accident, the question of liability may be even more difficult to answer. You know you were not responsible for causing the accident, but you may still have to work to prove your right to compensation. Most passengers will file third-party liability claims against one or more parties in pursuit of compensation for their car acc... Read More

Zurich Services Corporation continues to put profit over people, denies an adaptive physical education program for a paraplegic

by Keith P. More

Zurich Services Corporation has hit an all-time low in my opinion.  Just when you thought the work comp system could not get worse Zurich is utilizing Dr. Sankar Pemmaraju from Colleyvile, Texas to deny an adaptive physical exercise program for a paraplegic.  The treating doctor of over 4 years, Dr. Ann Vasile felt after a bout with skin breakdown the young injured worker needed a therapy program that was adaptive to him.  She made the request in a Request for Authorization and Zurich sent the request to Dr. Pemmaraju.  A quick glance at Dr. Sankar Pemmaraju’s patient reviews tells the world everything you need to know. On one reviewer stated, “I feel his is a joke. I believe he is bought and paid for by workers comp insurance companies.” Another patient review indicated the, “Doctor is very misleading and lied to me multiple times.” Now, why in an accepted case that Zurich knows is a catastrophic injury would they use a doctor like Dr. Pemmaraju?

The answer is simple, profit over people. The less treatment authorized the greater the profit.  In this case, Dr. Pemmaraju stated, “there is no documentation detailing why claimant could not address increasing endurance, strength, and range of motion with a home exercise program.” Well doctor if he had a home gym with specialized equipment for those suffering from spinal cord injuries I guess he could but until he builds a gym onto his home or converts his son’s bedroom into a gym he needs this adaptive program at a specialized facility.   At what point is someone going to stand up for those less fortunate and at no fault of their own and be as outraged as me.  Join me in telling Zurich this is not okay. Write to Zurich’s National Medical Director Dr. Joseph Semkiu and express your concerns.

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Bentley & More Hosts OCTLA’s Breakfast Club

On April 17, Bentley & More was once again proud to host the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association (OCTLA) Breakfast Club meeting at the Bentley & More Side Bar! The topic was “Admitting Evidence of Medical Liens at Trial” and Robert Gibson of Gibson & Hughes shared information, insights, and practice tips. The presentation was informative and we had a great turnout. Thank you to OCTLA for allowing us to host, and we look forward to seeing everyone at a future Breakfast Club meeting! #bentleymoresidebar

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What Responsibility Do Uber and Lyft Drivers Have?

The rideshare industry is not as regulated as other forms of transportation, such as a taxi or city bus. Uber and Lyft are private companies that can control their standards for hiring and training drivers. That does not eliminate all driver responsibilities to others, however. In an Uber or Lyft accident, the rideshare driver may carry some degree of legal or financial responsibility depending on the circumstances. Contact an Irvine Uber acci... Read More

Bentley & More to Host Orange County Trial Lawyers Association’s April Breakfast Club Meeting

Join us this Wednesday, April 17 from 7:00 am to 8:00 am at the Bentley & More Side Bar for another informative OCTLA presentation and delicious breakfast! We hope to see you there!

OCTLA’s Breakfast Club Meeting
The SIDE BAR at Bentley & More
4931 Birch Street
Newport Beach 92660

Admitting Evidence of Medical Liens at Trial

Enjoy a brief presentation by Robert Gibson of Gibson & Hughes about admitting evidence of medical liens at trial followed by a round table discussion regarding your medical lien cases.

Ask questions and get answers from seasoned attorneys, gain insight from your present and future colleagues while enjoying free breakfast and coffee.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn and build relationships in an intimate and relaxed setting.

Attendance to this event is FREE but limited to Attorney Members Only

Please visit… to register.

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How Does Worker’s Comp Pay for Lost Wages?

An injury or illness on the job could put you out of work for days, weeks, or months. One of the most compelling reasons to file a workers’ compensation claim in California is for lost wage benefits. In California, workers’ compensation will provide benefits to partially reimburse lost wages according to the specifics of the case, such as recovery time and level of disability. Understanding how workers’ comp may pay for your lost wages can hel... Read More

How to File a Worker’s Compensation Claim

The California workers’ compensation program provides financial benefits to injured workers without requiring the worker to prove anyone else’s negligence. Filing a workers’ compensation claim will result in payment for accident-related medical costs and two-thirds lost wages, without the worker needing to pursue a lawsuit. If you suffer an injury at work, you or your lawyer must obey the state’s filing requirements to obtain an insurance sett... Read More

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