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September 2019

What Breast Implants Are Linked to Lymphoma?

Many women receive breast augmentation surgery every year, and the majority of these procedures are successful with few side effects. However, certain breast implants may lead to the development of lymphoma – textured breast implants manufactured by Allergan. While this cancer is treatable, it may cause significant damage to a patient’s health and wellness, as well as her financial situation. Contact an Allergan breast implant cancer lawyer if... Read More

Bentley & More proud to be a vital sponsor of the VLI’s Annual Lawyers For Warriors Fundraising event

Bentley & More had the pleasure in being a vital sponsor of The Veteran Legal Institute’s (VLI) Annual Lawyers for Warriors Fundraising event last night at the Center Club Costa Mesa. There were over 250 Patriots who represent legal, medical, financial, military and other professional industries who came together for a great cause. Proceeds from the event help ensure veterans can receive free legal services necessary to thrive. The event honors hero advocates committed to providing pro bono legal services to Veterans. Congratulations to all the nominees who helped eradicate the barriers veterans face today.


LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR – Stephens Friedland, LLP

COMMUNITY PARTNER OF THE YEAR – Volunteers of America Los Angeles


ATTORNEY OF THE YEAR – David Price, Esq.


A special thanks to VLI for organizing such a special night. We were so honored to be a part of it.

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Can a Ruptured Breast Implant Cause Cancer?

When we visit a plastic surgeon to receive breast augmentation surgery, we trust that the products and the procedure are up to professional standards. However, this is not always the case – and we can suffer from severe pain and develop dangerous diseases, such as cancer. One such risk is the rupturing of a breast implant. While a ruptured implant may cause significant pain and discomfort, a rupture itself is not likely to cause cancer. Wh... Read More

What Companies Make Textured Breast Implants?

Allergan, a breast implant manufacturing company, is the subject of a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recall regarding their textured breast implants. Studies by the FDA and stories of numerous women found that these implants can cause BIA-ALCL, a rare but serious cancer. While many women are aware of the risks that these implants carry, they may also face significant damage to their health, finances, and emotional well-being. If you think ... Read More

CDC Warns Against Using Bootleg Vaping Products

Over the past decade, vapes and electronic cigarettes have rapidly gained popularity throughout the United States. Often marketed as safe alternatives to smoking, vaping carries a significant number of risks. Since it is a relatively new market, vaping products can go unregulated – leaving consumers at risk. Bootleg vaping products full of dangerous chemicals and unwanted ingredients, for example, are causing significant damage to peoples’ ... Read More

Severe Lung Disease Linked to Vaping

Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes have long marketed their products as safer alternatives to traditional smoking. While an e-cigarette may come in more appealing flavors and a more socially acceptable package, these devices still carry significant health risks to consumers – and recent reports have solidified this issue. Reports of severe lung disease linked to vaping have occurred throughout the United States, and these devices have even... Read More

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