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San Bernardino Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The city of San Bernardino reports hundreds of motorcycle accidents every year. In 2015, the most recent year data is available, motorcycle accidents injured and killed 105 motorcyclists in San Bernardino. Many of these crashes involved alcohol, speeding, and hit-and-runs. Stand up against the recklessness of others with help from Bentley & More LLP. Our San Bernardino motorcycle accident attorneys have what you need for a strong, fruitful personal injury or wrongful death claim. Reach out to us today for a free case review.

San Bernardino motorcycle accident attorney

San Bernardino Motorcycle Accident FAQs

How Dangerous Are Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycle crashes can wreak havoc on unprotected riders, resulting in injuries such as fractures, severe road rash, and brain injuries. Some motorcyclists will never fully recover from their injuries, suffering permanent disabilities, while others won’t make it out of the hospital alive at all.

Common types of motorcycle accidents include other cars making left-hand turns, head-on collisions, T-bone accidents, merge accidents, and single-vehicle motorcycle crashes. In 2015, 176 auto accidents in San Bernardino were hit-and-runs. Talk to our San Bernardino injury attorneys if your motorcycle crash was a hit-and-run. We can help you recover damages even without the at-fault driver present.

Motorcycle Accident Laws in San Bernardino and CA

Obeying the law during claims filing is imperative for the health and success of your claim. You must not only follow the rules for bringing your claim but also map your argument around laws you followed or broke leading up to the crash. Our firm can help you navigate California and local motorcycle accident laws during a civil claim, such as:

  • Universal helmet laws. Every motorcyclist in California must wear a helmet at all times.
  • Lane-splitting laws. Motorcyclists may lawfully drive between two lanes traveling in the same direction (lane-split) in California.
  • Comparative fault. A common defense is that the motorcyclist contributed to his/her own injuries. We can help combat this defense.

Motorcycle crash victims need legal representation in the Riverside-San Bernardino metropolitan area to help them stand up for their rights and seek fair compensation awards for their damages. Only a San Bernardino motorcycle accident lawyer can deftly navigate the law in a way that bodes well for survivors. We can help you with the claim process from start to finish.

What to Do Immediately After a Motorcycle Accident

You have the power to improve your odds of securing financial compensation after a San Bernardino motorcycle accident. The steps you take after your crash can make or break your claim. First, don’t admit fault for the collision. Call the police and wait for them to investigate the accident and assign fault. Then, go to the hospital for a checkup and injury treatment. Next, call an attorney to discuss your next move. A San Bernardino car accident lawyer can help you with the insurance claims process, negotiating with adjusters on your behalf. A lawyer can also help you file a personal injury claim with the correct courts, if necessary.

Who Is Liable For a Motorcycle Accident?

The other driver is liable for many motorcycle accidents. Motorists might not look both ways before entering a roadway or misjudge the distance and speed of an oncoming motorcycle. Other potentially liable parties may include the team in charge of keeping the roads safe for motorists and a motorcycle part manufacturer. Contact our law firm for assistance determining fault.

The Importance of Hiring the Right San Bernardino Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle accidents can be especially gruesome and destructive. Victims and family members need assistance from responsible, proven personal injury attorneys in San Bernardino to fight for fair compensation. Choose the San Bernardino personal injury lawyers at Bentley & More LLP for our track record of success, client-first business ethics, and passion for helping others. We can take your claim where it needs to go. Call (949) 870-3800 or get in touch online today.