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Avoiding Vape Pen and E-Cigarette Injuries

Avoiding Vape Pen and E-Cigarette Injuries

If you’ve been injured by an e-cigarette explosion, it is critical you seek legal representation. Please contact our e-cigarette explosion lawyers to discuss your case. 

The tobacco industry has come up with new products to control the amount of smoke and other carcinogens present in traditional cigarettes. One of these products is the vape pen, which may also be an e-cigarette or smokeless tobacco. Unfortunately, these devices come with their own dangers. Reports of exploding e-cigarettes causing injury caught the Food and Drug Administration’s attention and has led to more restrictions and warnings. Talk to one of our e-cigarette explosion attorneys about the dangers associated with vape pens.

How Vape Pens and E-Cigs Cause Injuries

Vape pens have been at the center of controversy in recent years due to reports of explosions and injuries. Authorities suspect that an overheating or malfunctioning lithium ion battery may be responsible. Much like the Samsung Galaxy Note controversy in 2016, vape pens can spontaneously combust, leading to serious and debilitating injuries. Doctors at the University of Colorado Burn Center state that the injuries in these accidents can be “horrendous” – from severe burns on the hands and face, blindness, and fractured cheek bones. In fact, many of these injuries involve third-degree burns and multiple skin grafts with scarring.

The Food and Drug Administration, one of the organizations tasked with regulating these products, is cracking down on tobacco companies and working to keep consumers safe. In the meantime, however, it recommends taking several steps to avoid serious injury caused by vape pens.

Preventing Vape Pen Injuries

Obviously, the best way to avoid vape pen injuries is to not use them. On the other hand, preliminary research suggests that vape pens may be the lesser of two evils compared to traditional cigarettes. With that in mind, the FDA created the following recommendations for avoiding vape pen injury.

  • Find a vape pen with safety features, such as firing button locks and safeguards that protect against overheating.
  • Never use another charger, such as a tablet charger, to recharge a vaping pen. Only use the cable provided by the manufacturer.
  • Replace damaged batteries immediately if they become wet.
  • Don’t charge a vaping device overnight or leave it unattended.
  • Keep loose batteries in a separate case and away from other metal objects.
  • Read all instructions regarding use of your vaping pen carefully. If you have any questions about safe operation, contact the manufacturer directly.
  • Only use batteries recommended by the manufacturer for your device.
  • Protect your vaping device from extreme heat by keeping it out of direct sunlight.
  • Only charge your vaping device on a clean surface.

Options After Sustaining Injury From a Vaping Device

The FDA recognizes that vaping devices pose risks to consumers and are in the process of collecting data to further reduce risk of injury. Unfortunately, injuries can still occur, even after following every recommended precaution. Consumers who incur injuries from exploding vaping pens may be able to collect compensation for their injuries, pain, and suffering under product liability laws. California law requires that the manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of consumer products use reasonable precautions to make them safe to consumers. If a consumer suffers injuries when using a defective product, any of these parties may be “strictly liable” for any damages that result.

An injured consumer may receive compensation for both material and immaterial losses. This includes things such as medical bills, lost wages, and the cost of future care, as well as physical pain, suffering, and emotional damages.

Vape pens can be dangerous and defective batteries can lead to serious and debilitating injuries. The effects of these injuries may last a lifetime. Victims of vaping pen injuries should consult with an Orange County personal injury attorney and seek compensation for the damages they incurred.