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Bentley Represents Dozens of Consumers Severely Injured in E-Cigarette Explosions

Rachel Berven of Modesto, CA, sued an e-cigarette retailer in March, claiming that a device she bought there had exploded.  PHOTO:  JASON HENRY FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

Gregory L. Bentley represents dozens of consumers severely injured in e-cigarette explosions. Clients have had their faces, shoulders, hands, legs, hips and mouths severely burned as a result of these accidents, and others have lost fingers, teeth, gum tissue and even eyes.

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article discussing the increased litigation over malfunctioning e-cigarettes.  Mr. Bentley spoke at length with the reporter and was highlighted as one of the attorneys handling multiple e-cigarette explosion lawsuits.

To read the Wall Street Journal article, click here to learn more.