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Electrocution Accidents On The Job

Five hundred workers die every year on the job as a result of accidental electrocution. Countless more suffer serious burns and other significant injuries as a result of accidental electric shock that can lead to lost wages, lost earning power and years or even a lifetime of medical costs. If you have been seriously injured on the job and need substantial compensation, the attorney you hire and the results you get may impact your life for decades.


At Bentley & More, our Orange County workers’ compensation lawyers fight for the rights of workers and families to get the maximum compensation they are owed following a serious electric shock, burn injury or fatality. Our trial lawyers have been representing Southern California clients for more than 25 years, and we have the experience, resources and proven record of success in workers’ compensation and personal injury cases to hold employers and insurance companies responsible for the money they owe.


Electrocution injuries can happen almost anywhere. Most of the people who suffer serious electric shock injuries do so while on the job. Many of those injured are conducting some kind of repair and are working with the expectation that power to nearby exposed wiring is off. In most cases, it is someone else’s mistake that leads to catastrophic electrocution injury or wrongful death. Your case could involve both a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury action. These cases, while separate, are overlapping. Do not rely on a law office that does not specialize in both areas. At Bentley & More, we have been handling third party crossover cases for over 25 years. Keith More is one of few lawyers who has tried cases in both the workers’ compensation arena and superior courts.


The danger of electrocution threatens not only electricians, but any worker that operates near potentially lethal exposed wiring, such as construction workers, carpenters, maintenance workers and custodians. Electric shock injuries can happen:

  • During electrical work or repair
  • On construction sites
  • During routine maintenance
  • In flooded areas near live electrical wires
  • As a result of downed power lines
  • In a car accident

Even if you have taken every safety precaution to make sure you are not exposed to hazardous wires, someone else’s negligence can lead to a serious electrocution injury. If you or a loved one has suffered needlessly, Orange County personal injury lawyer Keith More has the decades of workers’ compensation and premises liability experience to aggressively pursue your case.