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News Stories

Greg Bentley featured on NBCLA News with Darsha Philips

On October 3, 2019, NBCLA visited Bentley & More to discuss the circumstances of a Bentley & More client who was horrifically stabbed in a parking structure at Cal State Fullerton almost a year ago.  The brutal attack happened in broad daylight, in a CSUF parking structure lacking vital, common-sense safety features, and included a CSUF Parking employee twice abandoning the victim, leaving her to bleed and suffer.  Greg Bentley is hopeful that by bringing this story to the media, CSUF will be forced to heighten security and make necessary changes to ensure student safety, to promote safer CSUF facilities, and to guarantee proper conduct by CSU Parking Staff. Our client hopes her story will serve as a warning to all the students who park on campus, and as a wake-up call to CSUF to take its students’ safety seriously.


Our client told Ms. Philips in the interview, “This man knew that the structure didn’t have proper security. He chose it knowing he would probably get away with it. Had it not been for the fact that I was able to fight him off and provide a description to police, they probably never would have caught him”.


Mr. Bentley also went on to say that there have been 24 incidents in an 18 month period in and around that same parking structure where our client parked on the day of her attack.


The story was featured on NBCLA 11’oclock News with Darsha Philips. Click here for the full coverage.