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Why You Need A Truck Accident Lawyer

Being involved in an accident with a large truck is not something anybody wants to experience. These accidents can be incredibly scary and confusing for a victim. Unfortunately, truck accident injury victims are often left going up against well-funded insurance carriers and trucking companies when trying to secure the compensation they are entitled to. Here, we want to discuss why you need to have an experienced Orange County truck accident attorney by your side in these cases.

1. Finding all liable parties

In the aftermath of a truck crash in California, it can be difficult to know all of the parties that may be liable for covering a victim’s expenses. These liable parties could include the driver, the trucking company, the manufacturer of the truck, and even various government regulatory agencies.

An attorney will have the resources necessary to help determine all liable parties, gather evidence, and ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to. An attorney will have the resources necessary to conduct a complete investigation into these cases.

2. Handling complex negotiations

It will be necessary to negotiate with all liable parties (likely their insurance carriers or legal teams) at the same time in order to receive your rightful compensation. This process is not easy, as most injury victims are not trained negotiators.

However, a California truck accident attorney will have no problem standing up to the other parties involved. A truck accident lawyer will not back down until they receive a fair offer for their client.

3. Providing a sound legal strategy

Most California truck crash victims do not have much legal experience and may not be able to determine the best legal strategy for preparing the case for negotiations or a trial. A San Bernardino truck accident lawyer will ensure that the case is fully analyzed, gather all evidence needed, seek assistance from expert witnesses, and determine the best legal course of action to take so a crash victim can receive the compensation they are entitled to.

4. Understanding comparative fault laws

California operates under a “pure comparative negligence” system. This means that even a person who is partially responsible for an accident can still recover compensation for their losses. However, the total amount of compensation they receive will be reduced based on their percentage of fault.

Trucking companies will seek to exploit comparative negligence laws in order to limit the amount of money they pay an injury victim. A Riverside truck accident attorney will ensure that compare fault is applied appropriately so that their client receives the compensation they need.

5. Guiding you through the legal process

The truck accident insurance settlement and lawsuit process can be overwhelming for a truck crash victim. In these situations, a victim should be able to count on having an advocate by their side to take the case from the beginning through to the end.

An attorney can help file an insurance claim, gather evidence, handle negotiations, and fully prepare the case for trial if necessary. If you have been injured in a truck crash, your focus needs to be on recovering and being with your family. Let your attorney handle the legal legwork.