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Keith More Battles AIG for Worker’s Comp Client Just Treatment

After insurance giant AIG refused to provide our client who was injured on the job in a forklift accident with home modifications that would allow him to not only sleep in a bedroom instead of his living room and provide him with the ability to take a SHOWER,  three time Workers’ Compensation Trial Lawyer of the year Keith More turned to Channel 4 investigative Newsman Randy Mac.

The client’s treating doctor recommended the home modifications after 5 surgeries, extensive examinations and review of a plan prepared by a team of ADA approved specialists. AIG disregarded the treating doctor’s opinion and sent the request to its utilization review department. The UR department took the request and the plan and sent it to Dr. Richard Kaplan in Pennsylvania to review.

Dr. Richard Kaplan denied the modifications. Now our client cannot take a shower and sleeps in the living room. An appeal will take another 60 days. This is another example of how this workers compensation system is broken. At Bentley & More LLP we will continue to relentlessly pursue justice on behalf of our catastrophically injured clients no matter what hurdles we face. AIG may have won this battle for now but we will win the war and get this home modified.