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What are the Most Dangerous Roads in California for Motorcyclists?

Motorcyclists face significant risks in California. Yes, there are plenty of wonderful places to ride, especially when considering the weather and the scenery. However, certain roadways throughout this state present more dangers than others when it comes to motorcyclist hazards. Here, we want to list some of the most dangerous roads in the state for motorcycle drivers and passengers.

SR-39 / Orange County

State Route 39 is a state highway focusing around Orange County. Even though the length of the highway is less than 10 miles long, it is known to be incredibly dangerous for motorcyclists. The stretch of highway was constructed in 1934, and it connects Orange County to Los Angeles County.

I-5 / Los Angeles County

Interstate 5 is one of the deadliest railways in Southern California, regardless of whether or not you are on a motorcycle or in a traditional motor vehicle. At 796 miles long, this roadway stretches from Mexico to Oregon and is known for recording the highest number of fatalities in the state. This stretch of Hwy goes right through LA county. Due to the sheer number of serious injury accidents and fatal accidents, this is certainly one of the most dangerous roadways for motorcyclists in the state.

I-10 / San Bernardino

Interstate 10 is situated in San Bernardino, but stretches thousands of miles. Constructed in 1957, this is the highway that connects major cities like Biloxi, New Orleans, Tucson, San Antonio, Houston, etc. This is an incredibly dangerous highway for motorcyclists due to the high-speed nature of vehicle operation on the roadway and the fact that many individuals become fatigued and pay less attention on long stretches of highway.

SR-2 / La Canada Flintridge

State Route 2 stretches for 87 miles between the San Gabriel mountains and the Los Angeles basin. This roadway is elevated at 6,400 feet in places, and has many sharp blind turns and switchbacks that make it dangerous for motorcyclists and other vehicles.

SR-99 / California

State Route 99 in California stretches 424 miles, and it passes through the Central Valley, which connects the more populated areas to the rural areas of the state. Unfortunately, this is also a roadway where many drivers operate at high rates of speed and while impaired by alcohol or drugs. Motorcyclists must take caution and watch out for other vehicles on this roadway.

US 101

This highway spans from San Francisco to Los Angeles and is the roadway known for spectacular coastal views. Unfortunately, this is also a roadway where accidents regularly occur. Motorcyclists should be wary of distracted drivers when navigating this stretch.

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