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Where Do Car Accidents Most Occur in Orange County?

Where Do Car Accidents Most Occur in Orange County?

Nationwide, one of the leading causes of preventable deaths is car crashes. Orange County is a central metropolitan area. It is also home to a significant amount of auto collisions. Some improvement has happened in the last few years, but collisions are still a concern. Car accidents can cause life-altering consequences for victims.

Collisions can occur anywhere in Orange County, but some areas are more dangerous. After a crash, speak to an Orange County car accident lawyer.

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Dangerous Roads in Orange County

Intersections, highways, and cities all have different dangers for people using them. There are some sections of roads throughout the county that are especially hazardous.

Notable roads include:

  • Laguna Canyon Road, known for late-night fatal collisions and the most dangerous road in Orange County
  • Santiago Canyon Road, the most dangerous highway in the state. The most notable section is where Jamboree Road changes to Chapman Avenue. It is often referred to as the Road of Death.
  • The Ortega Highway is one of the most dangerous roads for motorcycle accidents. The stretch of road is full of sharp turns, open stretches, and watering holes. Sadly, this road quickly turns dangerous for motorcycle riders.

Any stretch of road can be dangerous, even cul-de-sacs or local roads. Driver actions are the root cause of many of these collisions. Stay alert on these and other roads. If the worst happens, speak to an Orange County personal injury attorney.

Intersections with the most accidents

Experience Attorney for Car Accidents in Orange County CA areaSome of the busiest cities in Orange County have the highest number of car accidents. These cities are Fullerton, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Huntington Beach, and Costa Mesa. Traffic and population density are higher in these areas, contributing to the frequency of collisions.

Over four years, the intersections with the highest numbers of collisions are:

  • Harbor Boulevard and Orangethorpe Avenue with 60 accidents
  • Edinger Avenue and Beach Boulevard with 55 crashes
  • Harbor Boulevard and La Palma Avenue with 55 accidents
  • Ball Road and Beach Boulevard with 53
  • 4th Street and I-5 Santa Ana Freeway with 52
  • Ball Road and Brookhurst Street with 51
  • Chapman Avenue and Harbor Boulevard had 50 crashes
  • Beach Boulevard and Talbert Avenue with 47
  • Newport Boulevard and Del Mar Avenue with 46 crashes
  • Brookhurst Street and La Palma Avenue with 45 collisions

There are a significant number of accidents at these major intersections. You must speak to an Orange County car accident lawyer if you suffer an injury at any of these intersections.

Interactions with the highest death rates

Another factor in a collision is the propensity for death. While the prior section is where the most accidents happen, there is a difference in where the most deaths from crashes occur. The two have in common that Anaheim, Costa Mesa, and Santa Ana overlap as dangerous cities. The following data shows that most deaths occur on freeways.

One reason is that motorists are traveling at high speeds. Intersections with high death rates include:

  • SR 91 and Imperial Highway with eight deaths
  • I-405 and Seal Beach Boulevard with seven fatalities

The following intersections each had four deaths:

  • Beach Boulevard and Katella Avenue
  • Route 57 and Chapman Avenue
  • Route 57 and SR 91
  • I-405 and Fairview Road
  • I-405 and SR 22
  • RT 57 and Yorba Linda Boulevard
  • 4th Street and Tustin Avenue
  • SR 55 and Warner Avenue

You have legal options if a loved one dies in a collision at these or other intersections. The surviving family members can pursue wrongful death actions. Speak to an Orange County personal injury attorney. They can assess fault and calculate your losses. Your attorney will fight for justice and compensation.

Cities with the highest number of accidents

While noting the most dangerous intersections is essential, cities are also vital. There is some overlap in the towns with the highest collisions and intersections with a high rate of crashes.

The accident rate per 1,000 people is as follows:

  • Seal Beach (1057 accidents at 43.7 accident rate)
  • Los Alamitos (460 accidents with a 39.9 accident rate)
  • Fountain Valley (1962 with 35 collision rate)
  • Westminster (2922 with a 32.1 crash rate)
  • Orange (4351 accidents with a 32.1 accident rate)

Many people are surprised that Anaheim is not on this list. They have an average of 11,580 crashes. That is higher than any of the cities above. A caveat is that Anaheim has the highest population of Orange County.

Some other interesting facts on accidents include:

  • Laguna Beach is the most dangerous for pedestrian accidents
  • Cypress, Aliso Viejoe, and Villa Park are the safest locations for pedestrians
  • Newport Beach has the highest number of bicycle accidents
  • Santa Ana, Irvine, and Anaheim have higher occurrences of truck accidents

While these cities have the highest accident rates, you can be in a collision anywhere in Orange County. When a driver is negligent, you must take legal action. Discuss your options with a car accident lawyer in Orange County.

Factors that contribute to dangerous roads

You might be wondering what makes a street dangerous. Some areas in the OC are more hazardous than others. Some roads become unstable from the weather. Others lack safety and infrastructure. Common factors that make roads difficult include:

Sharp turns

Maneuvering on a straight road is relatively simple for most divers. Things can get tricky when there is a winding road or a sharp turn. It is easy for a driver to lose control and slide off the road or into another vehicle. Drivers can sometimes encounter roads that stretch into the mountains. Driving through the mountain can lead to sharp drops that increase accident risks.

Heavy traffic

Certain areas in Orange County are inherently dangerous because of heavy traffic. The traffic happens daily, and most commuters enter these areas knowing what to expect.

Even driving every day, drivers can make mistakes that lead to accidents. Increased traffic leads to driver frustration. That leads to drivers engaging in dangerous behavior. Losing patience can lead to driving in ways you usually would not. This creates a perfect storm for car accidents.

Narrow roads

Roads should have enough space for all vehicles to use it. Unfortunately, some streets are narrow. Accidents often happen when there is no divided median. Head-on, broadside, and sideswipe collisions are common on these stretches of land.

Inadequate lighting

Streetlights offer drivers a better view of the road. With poor lighting, drivers can have difficulty judging the road and what actions to take next. Headlights are another tool to help with visibility in low-light areas. Insufficient lighting can make seeing turnoffs, road changes, twists, or turns challenging.

Truck traffic

Truck drivers are under extreme pressure, especially in recent times. They are working double time to make deliveries. However, while under pressure, they are also a hazard to others on the road. Trucks require training and skill to maneuver. They also have more significant blind spots. Roads with increased truck traffic can be dangerous to everyone.

Pedestrian or cyclist traffic

In highly populated areas, people opt for walking or biking to get around. That can add additional complications for drivers. They might not be aware of the people around them or predict what they will do. Pedestrians and cyclists should not change their habits to appease drivers. Instead, drivers should stay alert to where pedestrians and cyclists are and what they are doing.


Dangerous roads and intersections have many of the same features. They have inadequate lighting, high pedestrian traffic, and rush hour congestion. They often have unclear signs or labels. Sometimes, drivers are traveling at faster rates than others. When there’s a road with a dangerous intersection, it can lead to a higher risk of accidents.

Common causes of collisions

Most car accidents are preventable, which leaves victims wondering how they happen. The most common causes of collision in Orange County are similar to the nationwide causes.

They include:

  • Speeding: Excessive speed is a factor in 26 percent of fatal accidents. This driver action results in nearly 10,000 deaths annually nationwide. Speeding can stem from aggressive driving, running late, and ignoring posted speed signs.
  • Aggressive driving: Over 65 percent of car accident fatalities are due to aggressive driving. Generally speaking, aggressive driving is an intentional act of unsafe driving. The driver disregards the public’s safety or commits these actions with ill will.
  • Distracted driving: The National Highway Safety Administration cites 3,166 deaths in car accidents due to distracted driving. It is illegal to text and drive in California. However, any action that takes a person’s attention away from driving is a distraction.
  • Drunk driving: Despite rideshare options and education on the dangers of impaired driving, alcohol-related crashes continue to happen and cause devastating injuries. We cannot overstate the dangers of drunk driving and how it injures innocent people.
  • Rush-hour traffic: Most accidents occur during peak commute times, such as when traveling to or from work and school. Friday nights seem to be in the lead for most accidents occurring. During the week, peak times for accidents were from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Adverse weather conditions: The United States Department of Transportation cites weather conditions as contributing factors in car accidents. Weather can lead to lower visibility, maneuverability, and traction. However, a TIMS study notes car accidents often happen during clear weather conditions. Accidents in clear weather account for 90.91 percent of collisions and rain for 1.40 percent of cases.
  • Insufficient streetlights: Adequate lighting increases driver visibility. Most drivers are more careful when driving at night. Even so, 3.07 percent of collisions happen at night in areas without streetlights.

Driver error and recklessness are significant reasons for collisions. The list above does not encompass all causes. It is a baseline. The cause of the crash is essential to your injury claim.

A car accident lawyer in Orange County will investigate the cause and use it as evidence for your case. The insurance company will have a more challenging time denying your claim when there is clear proof of the cause and fault.

The most common types of severe accidents

Thousands of accidents happen annually in OC, some worse than others. Many of these collisions lead to severe injuries.

The types of accidents that often lead to the highest number of serious injuries include:

  • Broadside crashes (29.78 percent)
  • Vehicle versus pedestrian accidents (143 crashes)
  • Collisions with objects (89 collisions)
  • Rear-end crashes (33.14 percent)
  • Sideswipe collisions (54 accidents)

This data is from the TIMS study by the University of California, Berkeley. Regarding injuries, the study shows that 57 percent of accidents led to manageable pain, 36 percent visible injuries, and 6.24 percent severe injuries. Fatal accidents account for 7.5 percent of collisions. While most accidents lead to minor injuries, a significant amount do not.

Potential injuries in collisions

Injuries are possible in any accident. Some factors can increase the severity of injuries. Some injuries are mild, and others severe. In other instances, victims can walk away without any injuries.

Some of the most common car accident injuries include:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Chest injury
  • Whiplash
  • Burns
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Amputation
  • Fractures

Regardless of if you suffer mild to severe injuries, they can cause a financial strain on your life. Injuries require medical treatment. Recovering can involve time off work or job loss. It can also cause a burden on your loved ones, who may have to take on tasks you were responsible for. A local personal injury lawyer can calculate your injury losses when compiling a claim.

Compensation for car accident injuries

You must accurately assess your damages when seeking justice for your car accident. Case worth is critical to get the maximum payment for your losses. You do not want to settle for a low offer and be left paying expenses out of pocket later. The best way to assess your damages is to speak to an Orange County car accident lawyer.

You might recover payment for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of earning
  • Lower earning capacity
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mental anguish

An individual case assessment will uncover these and other damages you can request from the at-fault party.

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Greg Bentley & Keith More Car accident Attorney in Orange County area

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Always move quickly to seek justice for your car accident. You are facing strict deadlines and a complex legal process. Additionally, you are reeling from the physical and emotional impacts of the crash.

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