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Workers’ Compensation Reform Today: Tort Reform Tomorrow

For a free initial consultation to discuss your job related injury, contact Irvine workers’ compensation attorney Keith More.  At Bentley and More LLP, we thoroughly understand the process of handling of workers’ compensation cases and will fight to get you the benefits you need it order to get back to work in the open labor market.

We have handled a large amount cases involving quadriplegics, paraplegics, and tetraplegics injured on the job.  In those cases, it is extremely important to have the right workers’ compensation attorney. The insurance companies will never provide you with all of the benefits that you are entitled to and will try to minimize your care in order to save money. Knowledge is power and the team of attorneys at Bentley and More LLP, has the power to do the best job for our clients injured on the job and in auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, construction site accidents, and other work related injuries.

Click here to visit the workers’ compensation appeals board website.

As one of the leading workers’ compensation lawyers in the state of California, Keith More successfully litigates cases involving all types of work related injuries including:

  • Back injuries, fractures, herniated disks, bulging disks, annular tears

  • Brain injuries, brain trauma, memory loss including concussions and headaches

  • Hand, elbow, arm and shoulder injuries inclusive of carpal tunnel syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, amputations.

  • Internal disorders, cardio vascular issues, strokes, diabetic, aggravations

  • Hip, leg, knee, foot and ankle injuries 

The claim that is caused by an industrial accident will be handled with the utmost respect for the injured worker.