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September 2016

4 Tips for Preventing Worker Injuries on Construction Sites

The construction industry has earned a reputation as one of the most dangerous ones in the U.S., given its high rate of injuries and deaths. In 2014, construction workers were the victims of one-fifth of all fatal work-related accidents, according to data from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. Tragically, over half of these incidents occurred due to widely recognized dangers. Consequently, it's critical for construction work... Read More

California Construction Safety: Preventing On-The-Job Electrical Shocks

Many people are aware there is an inherent risk for on-the-job injuries for construction workers. Electrocution account for 8.2 percent of the industry's fatalities, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Electrocutions are the second leading cause of occupational-related deaths for construction workers. With all that goes on at worksites across California and elsewhere, not all such accidents can be prevented. Howev... Read More

Prominent Plaintiff Trial Lawyers Announce New Orange County Firm

New Firm Bentley & More, LLP To Focus On High-Stakes Plaintiff LitigationSeptember 20, 2016 – Irvine, CA – Experienced trial lawyers Greg Bentley and Keith More today announced the formation of their new law firm, Bentley & More LLP, focusing on civil trials involving personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, insurance bad faith, and workers' compensation matters.Greg Bentley was formerly with the Claremont litigation fir... Read More

California Employers Need New Approach to Increase Workplace Safety

The workplace has evolved over the last few decades. From a place that focused on agriculture to one that focuses on industry, these changes have led to the use of large and complex machines. Although these machines allow for the mass production of goods at a minimal cost, they also can lead to dangerous situations for workers. A recent article in the Occupational Health & Safety magazine discusses the changes that have occurred in th... Read More

Dog Bite Lawyer

There are over four million dog bite attacks per year nationwide. Over one million dog bites require medical attention in the United States per year. The dog bite can cause serious laceration, scarring, and other disfigurements requiring extensive plastic surgery and other medical treatment. It is imperative that the initial medical treatment be provided by a trained medical practitioner in order to minimize the long term affects of scarring.A... Read More

Former NFL Players Take Advantage of California’s Workers’ Comp Law

The purpose of workers' compensation benefits is to ensure that both replacement wages and medical care are available to those who are injured on the job. And while most people might be familiar with construction workers, teachers and truck drivers filing for benefits, a new group of workers are beginning to take advantage of the system: former players in the National Football League. WORKERS' COMP CLAIMS: AN ALTERNATIVE TO CONCUSSION LAWSU... Read More

3 Factors That Make Hiring an Attorney Crucial for Injured Workers

In a given year, thousands of people in Irvine and other parts of California suffer injuries in the course of their jobs.  In 2014, the last year with available data, over 431,000 workers in the state sustained occupational injuries, according to data from the California Department of Industrial Relations.  With unreported incidents factored in, the total number of injuries may have been even greater. In many cases the victims of these jo... Read More

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