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December 2018

Bentley & More Partners Greg Bentley and Clare Lucich Obtain $947,000 Verdict Against $185,000 Offer

THIS JUST IN: Bentley & More partners Greg Bentley and Clare Lucich obtained a $947,000 verdict against Corona Del Mar Properties LLC. The offer going into Trial was $185,000! Defense asked the jury to award only $50,000 to $100,000, but clearly the jury did not buy the defense’s attempt to discount justice. In this case, the Plaintiff slipped and fell on a freshly painted walkway at a retail property and suffered serious injuries to her shoulder and bicep requiring surgery. The Plaintiff was additionally diagnosed with Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, a nerve compression disorder resulting in pain, numbness, and tingling. Great work Greg and Clare!

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Options for Compensation After a Wildfire

California’s recent fires have caused millions of dollars in destruction from property damage, injury, and death. The 2018 fire season has the dubious honor of being the worst in California history. Thousands of residents throughout the state have been displaced from their homes and suffered both tangible and intangible losses as a result. Knowing your options for compensation following a wildfire is one of the best ways to protect your family... Read More

How Insurance Companies Take Advantage of Wildfire Victims

Tragically, this has been a catastrophic year for wildfires throughout the state of California. Several blazes have ravaged the area, leading to hundreds of thousands of acres burned, thousands of people displaced from their homes, and millions of dollars of property damage. With so many people reporting total losses, insurance companies are inundated with claims. As a policyholder, you essentially pay your premiums in exchange for a promis... Read More

Mudslide Risk After Wildfires

In the wake of the recent Camp Fire that ripped through Paradise and surrounding communities, thousands of California residents find themselves displaced from their homes. The blaze led to millions of dollars in property damage and dozens of injuries and deaths. As the deadliest wildfire in California history, officials are still tallying the damage – and residents will feel the effects for years to come. Though the blaze may be officially ... Read More