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Irvine Construction Accident Attorney

According to research and statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), construction is one of the most dangerous industries and is responsible for thousands of injuries and fatalities every year. Construction accidents may cause injuries to construction workers as well as bystanders passing near construction zones or drivers who traverse roadways under construction.

The Santa Ana construction accident attorneys at Bentley & More, LLP have experience handling complex litigation in a variety of practice areas. Construction accidents in Anaheim and the surrounding areas may involve workers’ compensation issues, personal injury claims against negligent employers, product liability claims against defective product manufacturers, third party claims, or a combination of those possibilities. Plaintiffs in construction accident cases need reliable legal counsel, and the Bentley & More, LLP team want Santa Ana, Anaheim and Irvine construction accident victims to know their rights.

Compensation Claims for Construction Workers

Workers compensation benefits exist to cover injured employees’ physical pain and lost wages after an accident. Any employee who suffers an injury on the job should notify his or her employer immediately and request a workers compensation claim form. Employers are legally barred from taking adverse or punitive actions against employees who file for workers compensation benefits. This is “retaliation” in the legal world, and employers stand to incur significant legal penalties for retaliatory actions against employees.

Workers compensation claims are often straightforward, but an Irvine construction accident attorney can help navigate the claims process and explore additional avenues of compensation for victims. A workers compensation claim may provide coverage for medical expenses and lost income after an accident but will rarely cover the total cost of an injury.

Anaheim Construction Accident Injury Claims

If a dangerous workplace hazard causes an employee injury on a construction site, the employer could incur liability for the damages. Construction sites are inherently dangerous work environments, but employers must follow all applicable regulations and compliance guidelines and ensure hazards receive prompt attention. If an employer knew about a hazard but failed to take corrective action in a timely fashion, an employee who suffers injury may file a personal injury claim against the employer.

Some construction site injuries happen due to third parties, such as drivers passing through construction sites. In these situations, injured workers will need to file claims against those individuals for their negligence. When faulty construction equipment or other products cause construction site injuries, victims will need to file product liability claims against the manufacturers. In any of these possible situations, plaintiffs can secure compensation including:

  • Medical expenses. Plaintiffs can sue for hospital bills, emergency transportation, prescription costs, rehabilitation fees, and any other expenses for medical care resulting from their injuries.
  • Pain and suffering. Some injuries are incredibly painful and the ordeal may cause trauma. Plaintiffs can secure compensation for mental suffering and physical pain experienced during and after a construction site accident.
  • Lost income. While worker’s compensation benefits may cover some lost wages after an accident, an injury may leave a victim unable to work for an extended time, and worker’s compensation will not cover the entire time away from work. Plaintiffs can sue for the wages lost after an injury as well as future earning if an injury prohibits returning to work.

Our Santa Ana Construction Accident Lawyers can Help!

Injured Santa Ana construction workers and other victims in Anaheim and Irvine can contact the construction site accident attorneys at Bentley & More, LLP for legal assistance after a construction site accident. Some of these accidents involve multiple defendants and can quickly escalate into complicated legal battles. Our attorneys have the resources and training to handle the most complex construction injury claims in Santa Ana, Anaheim, Irvine, and anywhere else in Orange County. Reach out to our team to schedule a case evaluation. We can let you know what kind of compensation you might expect from a lawsuit.

The construction accident attorneys at Bentley & More, LLP serve victims in Irvine, Anaheim, and Santa Ana, California.