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Irvine Sexual Abuse Attorney

Sexual abuse of any kind is a crime, and the perpetrator of any sexual assault crime will hopefully face criminal charges after the incident. While the offender will likely face jail time, fines, and other penalties, the only way a victim of sexual abuse will be able to secure compensation for his or her losses is through civil action.

The Irvine sexual abuse attorneys at our Southern California personal injury law firm understand how distressing sexual abuse cases are for victims, and we take the time to get to know our clients’ situations to provide the best legal representation possible. After a sexual abuse incident, survivors often experience physical medical complications as well as psychological trauma from the incident. We provide our clients with aggressive legal representation in even the most complex cases.

Filing a Sexual Abuse Claim in Irvine

One of the unfortunate realities facing victims of sexual abuse is the unlikelihood of securing compensation. Unless the perpetrator is particularly wealthy, the damages in a sexual abuse lawsuit will likely exceed the perpetrator’s personal assets. Victims in sexual abuse lawsuits can sue for medical expenses resulting from treating the physical effects of the abuse and any lasting physical harm. Plaintiffs can also sue for the costs of ongoing treatment, including prescription medications, counseling, therapy, and other rehabilitative treatments.

In some cases, a defendant will not have adequate assets to pay compensation to a plaintiff in a sexual abuse case. The plaintiff’s sexual abuse attorney will seek other avenues of compensation, including suing additional defendants who may share liability for the victim’s abuse. For example, if a school or daycare is aware of an abusive issue concerning a child in their care but does nothing to stop it, the plaintiff’s attorney can file suit against both the perpetrator and the organization for doing nothing to stop the abuse.

The right Irvine sexual abuse attorney can make a tremendous difference in a sexual abuse case. When the victim’s civil action runs in tandem with a criminal case against the defendant, the plaintiff’s attorney may use evidence from the criminal proceedings in the civil case. It’s also important to note that the standard of proof in civil claims is lower than that of criminal cases. If a perpetrator escapes criminal prosecution somehow, the victim may still secure compensation through his or her civil action.

How Our Irvine Sexual Abuse Law Firm Can Help

The Anaheim sexual abuse attorneys at Bentley & More, LLP have the experience necessary to handle even the most complicated litigation. We understand the devastating toll a sexual abuse incident can take on the victim, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure our clients receive compassionate and comprehensive legal assistance in their civil claims. We work closely with medical experts who can testify in court concerning the medical effects of a sexual abuse incident, providing a judge and jury with a clearer picture of the plaintiff’s damages.

Reach out to our firm to schedule a consultation about your Irvine sexual abuse case. We help clients across Orange County secure compensation for various types of civil actions. If you’re located in the Riverside area, contact our Riverside sexual abuse lawyers. If you’re located in the San Bernardino area, reach out to our San Bernardino sexual abuse lawyers. We also know how to work with criminal prosecutors to ensure that all of the necessary evidence in a case comes to light so our clients receive just compensation for their damages. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation with our Irvine personal injury lawyers.