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How Our Lawyers Handle an Allstate Injury Claim?

How Our Lawyers Handle an Allstate Injury Claim?

If you recently suffered a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence, you may find yourself filing a compensation claim under an insurance policy that Allstate issued.

Having the right to insurance coverage from Allstate, however, doesn’t automatically guarantee swift or easy payment. Receiving the compensation you deserve from an insurance claim with Allstate often involves an experienced Orange County personal injury lawyer’s assistance.

The attorneys at Bentley & More LLP have years of experience handling Allstate insurance claims for people who have suffered injuries in preventable accidents. We get you the financial support you need to cover your expenses and rebuild your life.

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Here is how we investigate your injury, prepare a thorough claim submission, ensure fair treatment from Allstate, negotiate favorable settlements, and fight for your rights in court, if necessary.

What an Allstate Insurance Policy May Cover

Allstate is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. It sells a wide variety of insurance products, including:

How Our Lawyers Handle an Allstate Injury Claim

  • Car and truck insurance.
  • Motorcycle insurance.
  • All-terrain vehicle and snowmobile insurance.
  • Boat and watercraft insurance.
  • Recreational vehicle insurance.
  • Homeowners and renters’ insurance.
  • Personal umbrella policies.
  • Life insurance.
  • Business liability insurance.

Policies such as those above may cover a range of accidents and harmful incidents, including:

  • A car accident on an interstate highway.
  • A motorcycle crash due to another motorist’s unsafe driving.
  • A near-drowning incident in a backyard pool.
  • A houseguest’s injuries from a fall in the bathroom of your home.
  • A business’s liability for its employees’ failure to maintain safe premises.

These are just a few examples of the situations that an Allstate insurance policy might cover. Regardless of your personal injury’s cause, Bentley & More LLP can evaluate the extent and value of coverage an Allstate policy provides for your losses and ensure Allstate pays you the compensation you deserve.

Our Approach to Handling an Allstate Injury Claim

At Bentley & More LLP, we manage every phase of securing compensation from Allstate under a policy that covers our client’s injuries or losses. The specific tasks we handle depend on our client’s unique needs and preferences.

We possess the proficiency and resources to perform any of the following steps to ensure our client receives the maximum compensation allowable under an applicable insurance policy.

Investigation of Your Injury and Its Causes

Our lawyers and staff will undertake a detailed, independent accident investigation, separate from any inquiry an Allstate adjuster or official investigator undertakes. We review the injury-inflicting incident’s material evidence by examining the accident site, interviewing accident victims and third-party witnesses, scrutinizing police accident reports, and taking any other relevant actions.

We gain a comprehensive understanding of your case details and identify all parties and insurance companies, like Allstate, with a potential legal or contractual obligation to compensate for your losses.

Evaluation of Your Losses

We perform detailed evaluations of the damages our clients suffered, carefully assessing the extent of their physical and emotional injuries and related financial losses. Some things Allstate might have to compensate you for include your medical expenses, property damage, future medical costs, lost income and opportunities, and other injury-related challenges that you may face. Our detailed review of your damages supports the filing of an Allstate claim seeking the highest compensation.

Analysis of the Allstate Policy in Question

Leveraging years of collective experience, Bentley & More LLP’s experienced attorneys conduct a meticulous review of the Allstate policy in question. We examine the policy’s terms, limitations, and exclusions, ensuring your claim satisfies its requirements. We also explain how the policy works and what compensation you can rightfully expect to receive.

Claim Assembly and Submission

We assemble and submit a claim under an Allstate policy. Our lawyers understand how to put together a claim package that meets Allstate’s administrative and technical requirements, ensuring prompt processing. Our experience and insight into Allstate’s processes allow us to proactively address any concerns.

Claim Advocacy

At Bentley & More LLP, we understand Allstate’s need for a complete picture of your injuries and losses and how to convince them to maximize their payout for your claim. When Allstate assigns an adjuster to your case, we advocate for you, ensuring your claim receives thorough and prompt attention.

As your authorized representative, Allstate will communicate with us, keeping you from having to deal with aggressive adjusters. We respond promptly to Allstate’s requests for additional information, answer the adjuster’s questions, and advocate strategically and aggressively (when necessary) to secure the payment you deserve.

Settlement Negotiation

As a leading personal injury law firm, Bentley & More LLP has a long track record of success negotiating high compensation settlements with major insurance companies such as Allstate. We know when and how to pursue settlement discussions that compel Allstate to recognize its policyholder’s liability and pay a claim in full.

We have a reputation among insurance defense lawyers and professional adjusters as a team of skilled, diligent negotiators unafraid to stand up to large insurers when necessary to secure justice and fair settlements for our clients.

Denied or Disputed Claim Litigation

If Allstate denies or disputes a claim we’ve submitted, Bentley & More LLP has the resources and experience to take your claim to court or explore other avenues that will force the company to pay what you deserve.

As a skilled team of trial lawyers, we’re ready to aggressively litigate on your behalf to achieve a favorable result. Facing off against large insurers such as Allstate doesn’t deter us from doing what it takes to secure the payment you deserve.

Holding Others Accountable

At Bentley & More LLP, we take an expansive approach considering all potential sources of payment for your losses, looking beyond Allstate to other liable parties at times.

If our investigation uncovers additional parties with potential accountability for your injury, we will consider filing against them, too. If a road contractor’s carelessness created hazards that caused an accident, for example, we might seek additional compensation from them.

Other such parties could include a bar or restaurant that served alcohol to an underage drunk driver or an automotive manufacturer whose defective parts led to a loss of control. Any of these parties could have their own insurance policies or assets to provide payment for your losses.

Our expansive approach secures the maximum compensation for your injuries and losses, which is especially important when the compensation you deserve exceeds the Allstate policy’s limits. The more liable parties we identify, the better your chances of a favorable outcome.

At Bentley & More LLP, we go the distance to tap every potential source of compensation for your losses. No matter how complicated or contentious your claim is, we have the resources and experience to get results.

Affordable Allstate Insurance Claim Representation

Bentley & More LLP’s fee structure ensures that anyone in need of our services in an Allstate insurance claim case can afford them. We firmly believe that no one should go without top-quality legal representation when an accidental injury causes financial strain.

Free Case Evaluation

We offer every potential client a free case evaluation with a knowledgeable legal professional. In an in-person or remote meeting, we listen to your story, assess your injury claim’s potential, and assess how we can help.

This consultation is strictly confidential and free. Our attorneys will never disclose any information about your case without your explicit consent, and you’ll owe us nothing for our time, regardless of whether you choose to hire us or proceed with legal action.

Contingent Fee Representation

We represent our clients in Allstate claims on a contingent fee basis, meaning our compensation depends on your settlement or award. Instead of asking you to pay us an upfront fee or billing you by the hour, our fee consists of a pre-agreed percentage of any money we secure from Allstate or other liable parties. We’re motivated to secure the highest possible compensation because your success is ours.

Frequently Asked Questions About Allstate Injury Claims

Below are answers to questions our clients frequently ask about Allstate injury claims and how we handle them at Bentley & More LLP. For answers to specific questions about your rights to pursue compensation from Allstate or another party after sustaining an accidental injury, contact our team today for a free case evaluation.

Do I Have to Talk to Allstate if They Contact Me?

If Allstate contacts you on behalf of another policyholder, you probably don’t have to talk to them, and it’s often safest not to.

Allstate adjusters contact accident victims to find justifications for limiting or denying any claim they may make. It’s usually safest to let an experienced lawyer communicate with Allstate on your behalf.

If you’re an Allstate policyholder, you may need to notify them about your accident and potential claim. Even then it’s best to stick to basic facts. Even better, let us contact them for you.

Avoid participating in any discussion about who was at fault for your injury or whether your actions could have partially contributed to them. It’s best to leave the discussion of those topics with Allstate to a lawyer.

Allstate Offered Me a Settlement. Should I Take It?

Never agree to any settlement offer from Allstate, or any other insurer, before speaking with an experienced lawyer about your claim.

Allstate and other insurers may make settlement offers that fall short of the amount you have the right to claim and receive. It’s risky to agree to a settlement before an attorney has evaluated your rights.

Once an insurance company pays you, you generally cannot go back to them for more money later. In most cases, an attorney negotiating on your behalf can get more from a big insurer such as Allstate than what they will initially offer you.

How Long Until Allstate Pays Me?

Resolving an Allstate-covered injury claim can take a few months, a year, or more, according to your claim’s circumstances. Factors such as parties involved, disputes over core questions (such as liability and damages), and involved parties’ willingness to negotiate can all determine the timing. Hiring an experienced lawyer is the quickest path to a favorable outcome.

Do I Really Need a Lawyer to Get Money From Allstate?

While you technically don’t, practically speaking, you do. Retaining an experienced personal injury lawyer like those at Bentley & More LLP is the best way to achieve a full, fair settlement from a large insurer. A lawyer protects your rights and advances your interests, ensuring that Allstate recognizes the seriousness and validity of your claim and pays what you deserve.

Greg Bentley & Keith More - Injury Claim Lawyer in Orange County area

Greg Bentley & Keith More Injury Claim Lawyer in Orange County

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