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Keith More and CAOC Lobby in Sacramento

Last week, Keith More and the Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) traveled to Sacramento to lobby on behalf of consumers.

New legislation supported by CAOC has taken aim at corporations that write in forced arbitration clauses into their employment agreements. These hidden clauses prevent employees from exercising their civil rights, and filing suit against corporations for wrongdoings such as malpractice, wrongful termination, and other corporate violations.

The potential in arbitration is that the arbitrator could be biased towards the larger corporations. This is because the arbitrator knows that the corporations or insurance companies are more likely to have continued business versus the individual claimant.

More and the CAOC were specifically lobbying a bill of forced arbitration on our servicemen and service woman, who after deployment were wrongfully terminated, and could not have their case heard by a jury in the Civil Justice System.

Berman More Gonzales is proud to fight against corporations that try to take advantage of the working class. Whether it’s lobbying in Sacramento, or fighting for the medical benefits of our clients, we will go above and beyond for what is right.