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Do I Need a Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

If you or someone you love are injured at work, you should be able to count on workers’ compensation insurance to cover your medical bills and most of your lost income. One of the great things about workers’ compensation insurance is that it is a “no-fault” system. This means that a worker can usually receive benefits even if they are partially completely at fault for their injuries. Not every injured worker will need a workers’ compensatio... Read More

Federal Ban on Flavored Vape Cartridges Delayed

There has been incredible scrutiny of the e-cigarette industry this year, largely caused by an epidemic of e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury (EVALI) cases. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there have been nearly 2,300 EVALI cases in the US so far and more than 47 people have died due to this lung disease. When these cases first began, regulators could not pinpoint what was causing t... Read More

California Suing Juul for Advertising to Teens

If you had imagined you would be hearing of a company selling nicotine products to teens in 2019, you may think you are in a time warp. What once got big tobacco companies in trouble is now beginning to haunt modern e-cigarette companies – advertising to minors. While the major companies, including Juul, have denied trying to market directly to teens, the evidence seems overwhelming. Now, multiple lawsuits have been filed by states against ... Read More

Orange County Father of Four Dies from Industrial Brain Injury

NorGUARD Insurance Company Denies Family Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits

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Bentley & More LLP co-founder Keith More highlighted at OCTLA Top Gun Awards as a 4-time recipient

Keith More has been advocating on behalf of his clients for over 30 years. He was recently named 2019 Best Lawyers in America® and selected for the 11th consecutive year to the Super Lawyers list, as well as being recognized by numerous publications & associations. It is no surprise that Mr. More was recently chosen as OCTLA’s Top Gun Trial Lawyer of the Year for Workers’ Compensation. This was Keith’s 4th time receiving the prestigious award. It would be an understatement to say that the entire Bentley & More team is proud of the efforts Keith makes every single day on behalf of our clients. Keith is a true champion and simply won’t back down when it comes to fighting for justice his clients so desperately deserve. Click on the videos below for highlights on the special night and to see Mr. More in action during the Auction portion of the event!

Keith More MC’s the Auction portion of the Top Gun Awards. Through his efforts and the generous donations from Orange County Trial Lawyers, OCTLA reached over $1 Million for local charities.

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Bentley & More LLP takes on the cyber giant Amazon in workers’ compensation claims


By Partners Keith More & Jose Gonzalez


The Holiday Season is just about to ramp up this week with post-turkey shopping on Black Friday.  For the brick and mortar shoppers it’s the unofficial start of the Holiday Season, Christmas trees and decorations await along with blowout sale prices on TV sets larger than their budgets would otherwise allow. Analysts say that this holiday shopping season is expected to be as robust as ever with the average person spending $1,047.83, up 4% from last year’s average even though the season was shortened by 6 days due to Thanksgiving being a week later in November.

The real shopping damage will be done on December 2– Cyber Monday.  Hundreds of millions of Americans will at some point turn on their computer screens to take advantage of enormous online sales.  In 2018, the one-day sales topped $7.9 billion.  This year is expected to be even larger with online giant Amazon having a substantial stake.

The Cyber Monday shopping orders will be filled for the next three and a half weeks until Christmas by hundreds of thousands of Amazon workers throughout the country and in Southern California through mammoth fulfillment centers in the Inland Empire located in Moreno Valley, San Bernardino, and Redlands.  The work shift for most of the Amazon workers at the fulfillment centers are going to become 10-hour shifts with many overtime hours.  Workers will be enduring increase repetition in their job duties of handling millions of items ranging from cosmetics to car engine parts.

Amazon sells everything and the workers will deal with the pain of it all.  This work is grueling, repetitive, and wears on the workers’ necks, shoulders, arms, backs and knees.  Every item that Amazon sells is handled by workers from the moment that the bulk items are received from the various vendors in the warehouse and are unboxed, scanned and boxed again for storage to being unboxed, scanned and shipped out to the online shopper in the fulfillment centers.

Bentley & More LLP continues to see an increase in the filing of Amazon work comp claims and has taken on the cyber giant. As the popularity of Cyber Monday increases each year unfortunately,  the price is paid for by the Amazon workers.


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What You Need to Know About Teens and Vaping

As millions of people in the US have begun vaping over the last few years, many have been oblivious to the fact that this issue parallels the rise of smoking in the country. This is especially true when it comes to teens and vaping. Over the last two decades, the use of tobacco in teens has significantly decreased. However, with the introduction of e-cigarettes and flavored vape, millions of teens have picked up the habit, most of whom had ... Read More