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​What You Need to Know After an Irvine Car Accident 

With more vehicles on the road comes the unfortunate—and increased—possibility of severe traffic accidents. Many roads in the Irvine area see extremely high vehicle traffic daily, including on California State Route 55 and State Route 1, otherwise known as Coastal Highway. Additionally, the downtown sees heavy traffic, especially during morning and evening commute hours. Car accidents in Irvine and surrounding areas leave many drivers and p... Read More

How To Prove Loss Of Enjoyment Of Life?

When an individual sustains a severe injury, there is a chance that it could completely affect their lifestyle. This includes the person’s ability to work along with their ability to enjoy time with their family and friends. This is often referred to as a loss of quality of life caused by the injury and any disabilities resulting from the incident. Here, we want to discuss how to prove loss of enjoyment of life damages for the purposes of secu... Read More

Caltrans failure to protect the public leads to yet another preventable pedestrian death on South Coast Highway

On Sunday, February 5, 2023, a woman was tragically struck and killed by multiple vehicles along South Coast Highway in Laguna Beach.  She was crossing near the 30600 block, south of Nyes Place, when she was struck by oncoming southbound traffic.  This is part of a series of troubling pedestrian deaths, accidents, and near misses along PCH in recent years.  Although Bentley & More LLP is collecting information and has requested the traffic accident history along PCH, even the Mayor of Laguna Beach, Bob Whalen, has remarked to the OC Register that “Coast Highway is owned and operated by Caltrans and we will reach out to them to determine if they can implement additional safety improvements to make the roadway safer for pedestrians. We need to hold Caltrans accountable to find safety solutions to avoid more tragic accidents in our City.”


Holding Caltrans accountable is a difficult, but necessary, step to protect the public from further incidents like the one that occurred on February 5.  Bentley & More has decades of experience litigating “dangerous conditions” of public property cases against entities like Caltrans when their long neglect of dangerous roadways causes incidents that injure the public.  Namely, under Cal. Government Code Section 835, a public entity may be held directly liable for dangerous conditions that create a substantial risk of injury when used with due care in a reasonably foreseeable manner, when the condition proximately caused the injury, when the condition created a reasonably foreseeable risk of the kind of injury suffered, and when the condition was created by the public entity or the entity had actual or constructive notice of the condition.  Each of those necessary prerequisites must be present to pursue a successful dangerous condition of public property case.


With respect to PCH, even a cursory search shows a high-speed roadway with long stretches without sufficient crosswalks, signals, signage, lighting, markings, and other devices and signals to protect pedestrians and the motoring public.  Pedestrians are routinely forced to cross without sufficient protection – protection that Caltrans has been long aware PCH lacks and failed to remedy.  And unfortunately, pedestrian accidents and near-misses have become all too common in recent years, leading to a spate of preventable deaths, including two in the last two weeks.


Bentley & More LLP joins the rising chorus of voices urging Caltrans to make South Coast Highway a safer, more appropriate roadway that does a better job of protecting the public.  Unfortunately, as is all too common with public entities, litigation may be the only way to hold Caltrans accountable for its failures.

-Gregory L. Bentley, Co-Founding Partner of Bentley & More LLP

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Bentley & More LLP announces attorneys selected to the 2023 Southern California Super Lawyers® recipients list

The 2023 Super Lawyers® Publication has named 4 Bentley & More LLP attorneys to its list of 2023 Southern California Super Lawyers® including Greg Bentley, Keith More, Clare Lucich, & Jose Gonzalez. The list represents the annual top 5 percent of attorneys throughout Southern California and recognizes the remarkable lawyers who have achieved a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement.

Co-Founders Greg Bentley & Keith More have been recognized consecutively over 10 tears and represent the Top 100: 2023 Southern California Super Lawyers®. In addition, Mr. More has also been recognized as the Top 50: 2023 Orange County Super Lawyers®.

In addition, Partner Clare Lucich has been recognized by her peers as Top 100 Up & Coming and Top 50 Women Up & Coming in Southern California.

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Are There Long-Term Effects to a Mild Brain Injury?

Individuals can sustain brain injuries in a wide variety of ways. In many cases, these injuries are relatively minor concussions that leave no long-lasting symptoms. However, for moderate to severe brain injuries, individuals can sustain long-term effects, particularly if the injury is not properly treated. Here, we want to review possible long-term effects of a mild traumatic brain injury. What is a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury? In most circ... Read More

Does the “One-Bite Rule” Apply in California?

Many states across the country have a one-bite rule in place when it comes to dog bite incidents, which means it may only be possible to hold the dog’s owner responsible for injuries if the dog has previously bitten somebody before. However, California does not operate under the one-bite rule. Here, we want to discuss how the state of California handles dog bite incidents when it comes to liability. What is a One-Bite Rule? Across the countr... Read More

What Does a Concussion do to Your Brain?

Concussions are considered mild traumatic brain injuries. Though not typically as severe as other types of brain injuries that occur, individuals must still take concussions seriously. As evidenced by the recent injury and controversy surrounding Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, concussions can lead to serious complications, particularly if individuals do not receive prompt medical treatment.  How Concussions Happen Concussions occ... Read More