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Are Bird Scooters Safe to Ride?

The sharing economy has become more popular in recent years, and intrepid entrepreneurs are thinking beyond the basic car service and room sharing. Alternative modes of transportation, like boats and even bikes, have become a part of the sharing economy. The Bird Scooter is an electric device that people can use to make their way around town. They’re convenient, but are they safe? A Convenient Mode of Transport The Bird Scooter system is con... Read More

Pursuing Damages for a Dog Bite in California

Pets are more than just animals; for many of us, they’re members of the family. We tend to their needs as we would for any other loved one – we take them to the vet for medical care, feed them, and make sure they feel loved. Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same care and devotion to their animals. When the negligent care or supervision of a dog leads to another’s injury, the owner of the animal might be liable for the damages that res... Read More

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Wrongful Death Cases?

When someone loses his or her life in an accident, the surviving family members may be able to collect the damages that result by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. These legal actions follow certain procedures. Knowing the process is the best way to protect your family’s right to a claim. What Is a Wrongful Death Action? In California, certain survivors of a decedent may file a wrongful death action when a loved one dies as the result of anot... Read More

Bentley & More partners featured in Sept./Oct. ’18 edition of CAOC’s Forum magazine

Electronic cigarettes are an ongoing and burgeoning problem.  Beyond their obvious pitfalls, e-cigs can catastrophically explode—blasting shrapnel, flames, and corrosive chemicals onto helpless users. And what should seem like a straightforward liability case often turns into a different beast altogether. This article, written by Bentley & More partners Greg Bentley and Matt Clark, explores some of the issues arising in e-cig litigation, how to properly begin to address those potential pitfalls, and the new direction these cases may be heading.

Click HERE or Photo below to view the full article.

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Bentley & More sponsor OCWLA 43rd Annual Gala

The Orange County Women Lawyers Association (OCWLA) held its 43rd Annual Gala at the spectacular Pelican Hill Resort on September 13, 2018.  The event is a major fundraiser for the organization and supports its charitable giving, scholarship and other programs throughout the year.  At the helm was this year’s OCWLA President, Jaimi Groothuis.  Over 300 judges, attorneys, friends, and family were in attendance.

OCWLA President-Elect, Michelle Philo, did an incredible job planning this year’s Gala.  Guests were greeted with a glass of champagne on the resort’s veranda while they perused the silent auction baskets and enjoyed a beautiful sunset overlooking Crystal Cove.  The event then moved inside for the dinner program where Keith More emceed the evening, entertaining the audience and helping the organization raise over $12,000 in live donations throughout the course of the night.

The evening focused on this year’s honorees, Judge Karen Robinson, OCWLA’s Judge of the Year, Andra Greene, Attorney of the Year, and Best Best & Krieger, LLP, received the first ever Advancement of Women Award.  OCWLA’s major philanthropic recipients, WHW and Girl’s Inc., were also recognized for the great work they do to open doors for the girls and women of Orange County.

For the fifth year in a row, Bentley & More proudly sponsored OCWLA’s Gala, which has become one of the premier events for Orange County’s legal community.

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California’s Car Insurance Laws

California operates under a fault-based system for car accidents and insurance purposes. This means a driver is responsible for the damages he or she causes on the road. Drivers must purchase automobile insurance that covers the state’s minimum insurance requirements. It’s also important to understand how fault works in car accident insurance settlements and lawsuits. California’s Minimum Insurance Requirements All licensed drivers in Califo... Read More

Can I Fire My Lawyer Before Trial?

Many possible situations can make clients feel tempted to fire their attorneys, but it’s vital to weigh this decision carefully. Firing your attorney can delay your legal proceedings, and repeatedly changing attorneys during a case will not cultivate a favorable impression with the presiding judge. If you are considering firing your attorney, keep in mind a few things while making this decision. Depending on your reasons for wanting to fire yo... Read More