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News Stories

Video: Don George Permanently Scarred by E-Cigarette Explosion

34 year old Air Force Veteran Don George is permanently scarred when an e-cigarette pen exploded in his face, causing injury and permanent scars. Greg Bentley calls out these incidents are not isolated, and happening across the country. He is calling for regulation to protect consumer safety, but is facing resistance from the e-cigarette industry. Read More

Video: Husband of Alice Gruppioni Recalls Terrifying Events

Christian Casadei recalls the terrifying events that lead to the murder of Alice Gruppioni. Alice Gruppioni was killed in a horrific hit and run incident caught on video. Christian faces Nathan Campbell, the defendant for the first time testifying against Nathan for murder. Nathan Campbell pleads not guilty and is awaiting trail.  Read More

Video: ABC 7 Covers Greg Bentley’s E-Cigarette Related Cases and Victories

ABC 7 covers the stories behind the dangers of e-cigarette explosion and the victims represented by Greg Bentley. Read More

Workplace Falls and Paralysis

The California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 1670, makes it perfectly clear that employers must provide fall protection to employees working at heights of more than 7.5 feet. Unfortunately, employers of construction workers, roofers, painters and others who work at heights frequently fail to provide fall protection, or provide fall protection that has not been properly maintained and is in need of replacement. Even if fall protection w... Read More

Video: Greg Bentley Wins a Judgement Against e-Cigarette Retailers – The First of its Kind

 Greg Bentley wins a landmark victory against e-Cigarette retailers responsible for faulty vaping products, leading to severe injury. Greg wins compensation for his clients as well as increase awareness of the hidden dangers.Greg Bentley makes a case the these e-Cigarette products mostly go unregulated with absolutely no oversight by the FDA and Consumer Product Safety commission. These products are sold at the expense of consumer safety ... Read More

Video: ABC 7 Coverage of Joseph Cavins E-Cigarette Case

Joseph Cavins shares a terrifying experience with e-cigarettes. Joseph face bears the scars of an exploding vaping pen. Greg Bentley puts the blame on faulty products that do not provide enough safety mechanism to avoid injury. Read More

Video: ABC 7 News Venice Boardwalk Driver Pleads Not Guilty

Nathan Louis Campbell, 38, entered his pleas in connection with the Aug. 3 crash on the Venice Boardwalk that killed Alice Gruppioni, 32, who was visiting from Italy on a honeymoon.Witnesses said the driver maneuvered around barriers and intentionally aimed at tourists and vendors.Nathan Campbell claims that he struggled to get the car out of park because of a faulty shift lever, gunned it, then panicked when it lurched forward ... Read More