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October 2019

Partner Greg Bentley interviewed by the Today Show’s online platform regarding Allergan Breast Implant recall

On October 30, 2019, representatives from the Today Show’s online platform interviewed Bentley & More LLP partner Greg Bentley about the firm’s litigation against Allergan for its role in exposing hundreds of thousands of women to a potentially fatal form of cancer. That exposure came through the company’s defective—and now recalled by the FDA worldwide—textured breast implants.


The story concerns the courageous Bentley & More LLP client who underwent a double mastectomy, was treated with Allergan implants, only to later shockingly find out that the Allergan textured implants have now exposed her to Breast Implant Associated – Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).  That disease is a type of non-Hodgkins lymphoma, meaning a cancer of the immune system, and not a type of breast cancer.  Allergan’s defective products have similarly exposed hundreds of thousands of women around the world to this new, potentially fatal risk.


Bentley & More’s client, like the hundreds of thousands of women exposed world-wide, would like the defective implants removed. Yet Allergan refuses to pay for the medical, surgical, or doctor fees to perform the procedure.

The segment will air in December.

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Bentley & More team members take part in Together We Rise “Socktober” Fundraiser

This past Saturday, Bentley & More team members had an opportunity to help the Together We Rise organization in their “Socktober” fundraiser. This event will provide 75,000 socks to kids in fostercare around the world. The Together We Rise is a 501©3 non-profit organization whose vision is to fosterlove and improve the lives of children in foster care. We were proud and honored to help their mission of delivering socks to a directory of agencies across the U.S.

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Bentley & More was a proud Tournament Sponsor for the Annual OCTLA Columbus Day Golf Tournament

Bentley & More was pleased to take part and sponsor the Annual OCTLA Columbus Day Golf Tournament yesterday at El Niguel Country Club. The team enjoyed a fun day on the course!

A special thanks to OCTLA for organizing this event. We look forward to seeing everyone next year!

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Bentley & More is a proud Partnering Sponsor of the upcoming 2019 Move Mountains Gala for The Breasties Organization

Bentley & More LLP is a proud Partnering Sponsor of the upcoming 2019 Move Mountains Gala for The Breasties Organization.  The Breasties is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that empowers and supports women affected by breast and other forms of cancer. The community gathers survivors, previvors and caregivers through weekend wellness retreats, day-events & meetups in different cities and throughout the world on social media.  The group was founded by 4 young women all with different stories and one commonality…Cancer. These women believe in the power of community, friendship and hope. It is their mission, through these fundamental needs, that women across the nation will feel less alone in their journey in overcoming such a pervasive disease.


The Move Mountains Gala will be help October 17th, 2019 in New York City. The Gala is an annual fundraising event crucial in supporting The Breasties’ organization. Event proceeds will directly fund a year of programming.

We hope that you might join us in this special cause by celebrating a community of people who MOVE MOUNTAINS! For more information on the event and The Breasties Organization, CLICK HERE. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities or have any questions, send an email to


Together we can “Move Mountains”!

Photo: The Breasties

Photo: The Breasties

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FDA Says They “Should Have Acted Sooner” on Vape Crisis

A vape-related illness outbreak is spreading across the United States, resulting in hundreds of injuries and several deaths. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are currently investigating the cause of these illnesses, linked to electronic cigarettes, vapes, and the e-liquids that consumers inhale out of these devices. While the outbreak is relatively recent, the FDA has expressed reg... Read More

Greg Bentley featured on NBCLA News with Darsha Philips

On October 3, 2019, NBCLA visited Bentley & More to discuss the circumstances of a Bentley & More client who was horrifically stabbed in a parking structure at Cal State Fullerton almost a year ago.  The brutal attack happened in broad daylight, in a CSUF parking structure lacking vital, common-sense safety features, and included a CSUF Parking employee twice abandoning the victim, leaving her to bleed and suffer.  Greg Bentley is hopeful that by bringing this story to the media, CSUF will be forced to heighten security and make necessary changes to ensure student safety, to promote safer CSUF facilities, and to guarantee proper conduct by CSU Parking Staff. Our client hopes her story will serve as a warning to all the students who park on campus, and as a wake-up call to CSUF to take its students’ safety seriously.


Our client told Ms. Philips in the interview, “This man knew that the structure didn’t have proper security. He chose it knowing he would probably get away with it. Had it not been for the fact that I was able to fight him off and provide a description to police, they probably never would have caught him”.


Mr. Bentley also went on to say that there have been 24 incidents in an 18 month period in and around that same parking structure where our client parked on the day of her attack.


The story was featured on NBCLA 11’oclock News with Darsha Philips. Click here for the full coverage.

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Greg Bentley interviewed by NBC LA News regarding Cal State Fullerton Stabbing Victim

Photo: Cal State Fullerton Photos/Flickr


Co-Founder Greg Bentley will be featured tonight on NBC News @ 11pm to discuss our client Daniela Sanchez’s horrific stabbing incident that took place October 31, 2018 in a parking structure on the campus of Cal State Fullerton (CSUF).

The CSU Parking & Transportation employee on duty the date of the incident ignored Daniela’s cries for help. CSUF Parking structures failed to provide procedural changes or heightened security in the wake of multiple stabbings on campus. Daniela suffers physical & emotional injuries that will plague her for the rest of her life.

“Daniela was made victim over and over again by CSUF, its lack of attention to student safety, and this shameful employee…” – Greg Bentley


For more details on the story CLICK HERE

Photo: Bentley & More LLP

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