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When to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

When to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

Even as truck accidents become more common, most people are unprepared for the legal processes that follow such crashes, and many victims don’t know when to speak to a lawyer.

You should talk to a local truck accident attorney sooner rather than later after your accident.

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Reasons You Should Get Help

Generally speaking, law firms have access to resources such as medical and accident reconstruction experts. Consider timing, since truck accident claims involve deadlines. An attorney will seek maximum damages for your injuries and losses, which you will need for severe injuries.


You can often hold more than one party responsible for the collision. More people involved means more insurance companies. Negotiating with multiple companies can quickly overwhelm you.


Catastrophic injuries may require lifelong care, and insurance companies will fight to lower these claims. You must fight back with an experienced truck attorney who can get you compensation for medical treatments now and in the future.

Insurance company pressure

If the insurance company pressures you or you find that the adjuster constantly contacts you, get legal help. Although they may appear sympathetic to your situation, this is a ruse to make you comfortable and obtain information to lower your compensation.

A quick settlement offer

The insurance company may contact you with an offer to settle your case, and victims might think it is a sign the adjuster is on their side. However, the offer may not cover your losses, so do not accept it unless a lawyer reviews and approves it.

You might not reach an agreement

You might reach a standstill with the insurance company when handling your claim independently, where they refuse to give you the compensation you deserve. You must take further legal action to get justice, such as filing a lawsuit. Always let a local commercial truck accident lawyer handle this step.

Helping You With Your Injuries

Experienced Lawyers for Truck Accident Cases in Orange County CA area.Many victims will suffer injuries, personal trauma, and extensive emotional and physical damage. You can be dealing with long-term medical issues and also struggle to deal with emotional pain. You might need to see a psychologist to cope or a physical therapist to relearn specific movements. A truck accident lawyer can assist with your injuries and can help you get the medical attention you need.

Insurance Policy Considerations

Another primary consideration for hiring legal representation is the complex insurance process. You might deserve more compensation than the insurance company will provide.

Aside from lower claim amounts, adjusters will also use delay tactics.

Adjusters will delay in many ways. They know when time limits are coming up and will purposefully forget and may send you documents to fill out that are too close to the deadline. You may be in a rush to fill them out and make mistakes, or you submit them past the deadline because of the short notice. Other times the adjuster will focus on an inconsequential element to continue to push back a settlement.

Insurance policies will also have limits, so you may settle for less if your injuries and losses exceed these limits. Insurers do not tell you how to get more compensation outside these policies, but your law firm will.

The Role of a Local Truck Attorney

FMCSA reports over 500,000 truck accidents yearly nationwide, which will likely increase as time goes on. As truck accident rates increase, trucking companies become more experienced in denying claims. Trucking and insurance companies should not take advantage of accident victims.

Truck accident attorneys will usually use two strategies. They will use legal knowledge and negotiation skills to negotiate for higher compensation or go into litigation. The goal in every scenario is justice for the victim.

Gathering Evidence and Information

Personal injury lawyers have years of experience handling the claims process and have many resources to gather information and evidence to help your case. Extensive legal research and precedents will also be vital to getting maximum compensation because it allows the firm to find information relevant to your situation. Evidence is the basis of your case, and you must present the proof to the insurance company or court. The stronger the evidence, the better your chances.

A local truck accident lawyer can gather evidence like eyewitness statements, and medical records. Once they gather these documents, they will review them for accuracy, which is one of the most critical elements of a case. When reviewing evidence, your lawyer can assign liability for the collision. You will also need the police report and statements from all parties involved. Accident scene pictures and visual evidence can go a long way in case strength.

Knowledgeable personal injury attorneys will work with clients to gather facts, data, and evidence pertinent to your case. Provide any documents or evidence to your lawyer, allow your attorney to sift through it, and organize everything to present your case.

The Legal Process

Truck accident cases often involve multiple parties, which can further complicate and extend the legal process. The process will involve intricate negotiations with various parties. It is ill-advised to handle these cases independently.

Without legal assistance, you must negotiate with multiple parties while still focusing on your medical treatments. We can battle the insurance company to get you a favorable outcome.

Protect yourself legally and focus on your medical treatment. While you do so, the legal process will be ongoing.

Some of the steps in truck accident claims include:

  • Filing an insurance claim
  • Collecting evidence and witnesses statements
  • Negotiating with the insurance company
  • Filing a lawsuit
  • Discovery processes
  • Mediation
  • Preparation for trial
  • Representation at trial

A plan of action will make all the difference in securing fair compensation for damages. Get as much information as possible before you decide to take on a truck accident case independently or with the help of a lawyer.

Advantages of Having a Truck Accident Lawyer

There are several advantages to hiring a truck accident lawyer near you. The main benefit is they handle the legal process, so you don’t have to. Their role is to ensure the process runs smoothly and can also provide additional resources and guidance in these matters. Another essential benefit is that they negotiate with the insurance company and other relevant parties.

Some other tasks and benefits of having a truck accident lawyer are:

  • Protecting your rights
  • Staying ahead of any issues that arise
  • Sticking to relevant deadlines
  • Assessing your damages
  • Reviewing evidence
  • Access to reliable expert witnesses

Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Case

Once you decide to hire a truck accident lawyer, your next step is finding the right one for your case. You must identify potential attorneys and then conduct research into them. You can list qualities or skills you want in your attorney to narrow down your options.

First, you may wish to find a lawyer near your job or home because it can make speaking to or meeting them in person easier. If you must sign or pick something up, having them close can avoid travel to the postal service.

You will want someone who knows state and federal laws and how they apply to your case. They should also know the court procedures when filing a lawsuit and the judges in the court that are likely to hear your case because they can craft a strategy that will sway the judge.


You can usually find the attorney’s qualifications on their website, and they will discuss the type of cases they handle. You can also look at directories and the state bar. Find a personal injury attorney with truck accident experience because the last thing you want to do is seek advice from a family law attorney who cannot help you.

You will also want to review their case results. Not only should they have experience handling these cases, but they should also have a track record of success. You can look at online reviews for wins and settlements.

Testimonials from previous clients can go a long way in helping you decide if they are right for you. Communication is another qualification to look for because you will want to know what is happening with your case. The law firm should be accessible and informative.

Attorneys can get professional recognition from organizations like Super Lawyers and Avvo. Ultimately you want a law firm and personal injury lawyer that will recover compensation for your losses. You also want to feel comfortable with their skills. Initial consultations are usually free, so you can meet with your top three choices before deciding.

Seeking Maximum Compensation

Some victims believe they can get more money by handling the case independently. Working with an experienced truck accident lawyer can help recognize all payment sources. Aside from identifying these sources, we will also pursue the money owed to you, whereas negotiating with the insurance company alone can result in a lower payment.

General Timeline for Truck Accident Cases

Greg Bentley & Keith More - Experienced Pedestrian accident cases lawyer in Orange County area

Greg Bentley & Keith More Truck accident Attorney in Orange County

Time is essential for truck accident cases. You will want to collect your evidence and speak to a commercial truck accident attorney immediately. The sooner they can begin to craft your case, the more advantageous it is for you.

Waiting too long can result in misplaced critical evidence or missed deadlines.

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A truck accident attorney near you can recover compensation for lost income, medical expenses, and more. They can review the evidence and negotiate with the insurance company to get you the best outcome possible for your case. Legal advice comes with countless benefits, including less stress and more success.

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